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The Digital Transformation of Recruitment Marketing

Posted by Colleen Naugle on June 26, 2018 at 8:00 AM

Disruptive technologies are impacting the world of recruitment marketing – turning recruiting from something that was one-way and transactional into a highly data-driven and candidate-centric experience. Early on, marketing departments were quick to see the value of data and quickly deployed technologies that could leverage the information. However, due to the systems they currently have in place, HR is just beginning to move beyond their traditional analytics of demographics, compliance and diversity statistics – and embracing data that tells the story of the candidate’s journey.

As we’re disrupting the talent acquisition space by applying consumer marketing principles and techniques through a talent acquisition lens (candidates are, after all, consumers), Symphony Talent is operationalizing the candidate journey in a way similar to companies like Salesforce that map the entire customer journey. We are going deeper than just providing another ATS or system integration and are redefining the way employer brands speak to and connect with talent – with easy-to-use solutions for every recruiter on the team.

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Digital Transformation: The Catalyst for Change in Recruitment Marketing (Part Three)

Posted by Roopesh Nair on June 21, 2018 at 8:00 AM


In Part One and Part Two of this three-part series, we talked about the importance of defining your EVP, using it to communicate your Employer Brand, and attracting candidates using an omnichannel approach through multiple touchpoints like digital media, job boards, and social channels. If these postings served to inspire you – and you’re already laying the foundation for a first-rate candidate experience – congratulations, you’re off to a great start!

By now you’re probably aware that it takes a big investment in time and energy (not to mention plenty of like-minded people) to set yourself up for success in today’s hyper-competitive talent market. But are these investments yielding measurable results?  And are you capturing the right information to make key decisions going forward?

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Digital Transformation: The Catalyst for Change in Recruitment Marketing (Part Two)

Posted by Roopesh Nair on June 14, 2018 at 8:00 AM

In my last blog, I covered the benefits of a strong EVP and employer brand, and how they provide the foundation for what you want to say to your target audience. Now, let’s delve into leveraging these assets - and digital technology - to deliver a great candidate experience.

As I’ve mentioned before, research has shown that organizations that invest in a strong candidate experience improve their quality of hires by 70%. Still, many haven’t completely thought through the employee experience and who owns it.

Digital transformation has forever changed the consumer landscape. The world of talent acquisition has changed, too. Your candidates (the potential “consumers” of your career opportunity) now expect an experience that’s akin to ordering an Uber or shopping on Amazon. If your TA team isn’t actively thinking about the candidate experience - and marketing it like a product or service - it’s probably time to rethink your approach.

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Digital Transformation: The Catalyst for Change in Recruitment Marketing (Part One)

Posted by Roopesh Nair on June 7, 2018 at 11:41 AM

I have conversations every day with companies that want to improve their ability to reach and attract “A” talent. The truth is, there’s no magic “formula.” What it all comes down to is putting candidates in the driver’s seat by supplying information and experiences that are credible and compelling. However, to achieve a candidate-centric experience, you need to go beyond simply posting opportunities – and begin marketing them.

Think about how information is consumed and products are sold today. Digital rules – and it’s no longer a one-way conversation. When people shop online for a product or service, they’re exposed to tweets, posts, text messages, news alerts, videos, and product recommendations that are carefully curated, highly targeted and personalized. And before they add an item to their “shopping cart,” they’ve probably considered other alternatives, read reviews and generally found out quite a bit about the item they’re purchasing. It’s no different in the world of Talent Acquisition (consumers have Yelp; candidates have Glassdoor and similar sites).

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The Job Description: The New Home Page for Career Sites (Part 2)

Posted by Kit Lamoureux on April 24, 2018 at 11:03 AM

In Part 1 of this blog series, I talked about how digital transformation is changing the rules around the candidate experience – and that the home page is often not the initial point of entry for a candidate’s journey. As Bill Gates pointed out an essay of the same title, “Content is King.” From a recruiting perspective, his statement is spot-on. If the first thing a candidate lands on is the job description page, it needs to be as robust – and engaging – as possible. So where do you start? Below are a few simple guidelines for building a content-rich experience that can make all the difference in attracting top-quality candidates.

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The Job Description: The New Home Page for Career Sites (Part 1)

Posted by Kit Lamoureux on April 19, 2018 at 9:42 AM


As Director of Product Management, part of my daily routine includes running through Google Analytics and our ST Analytics platforms, looking at trends and “gotchas” in our various products and implementations. One trend I’m noticing on the different career sites is a shift away from the home page as the predominant landing page.

In years past, a lot of effort was put into home page optimization - what companies are doing and saying on the home page that will convert visitors into candidates and, hopefully, new hires. However, we’re living in a time of sweeping digital transformation, which is changing all the rules about the candidate experience and expectations. With the rise of social media and popular aggregators (like Indeed and Google for Jobs), many potential candidates no longer start at the career home page: their point of entry is the job description.

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