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Lori Sylvia
Lori Sylvia is Founder & CEO of Rally Recruitment Marketing, an online community of more than 13,000 Human Resources, Recruiting and Marketing professionals who are learning and sharing the best ideas in Recruitment Marketing to gain new skills, advance their careers and deliver greater business impact. Lori has been in Marketing and Communications for 25 years, starting out as a technology journalist and then becoming a marketer of new technologies at five start-ups. Before founding Rally, Lori was Chief Marketing Officer of SmashFly Technologies, where she and her team educated the market about modern Recruitment Marketing practices. With Rally, Lori is working across the industry to inspire more people to become Recruitment Marketers to lead the future of talent acquisition.
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Is Your 2019 Job Advertising Strategy Up to Snuff? We Have Answers.

Posted by Lori Sylvia on January 31, 2019 at 8:30 AM

Having a defined — not to mention compelling — employer brand is critical, but how you activate your employer brand is every bit as important. Media — specifically strategic media planning — plays a key part in activating that employer brand, helping you effectively allocate your budget to performing outlets, while driving passive and active candidates into your experience. That includes those who need nurturing. Once you drive them into the funnel, you can remarket to them and prompt them to take action.

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