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Priyaranjan Mohapatra

Priyaranjan Mohapatra
Priyaranjan is Senior Associate - Quality Assurance for XCE at Symphony Talent India. When he is not busy finding loopholes and glitches, he enjoys working on DIY projects and planning fun activities for the office staff. He believes in putting the fun back into work, and is a great source of entertainment for his team. Prior to joining Symphony Talent, he was part of the QA team at Capgemini, and later at Harman. He loves traveling, hanging out with friends, painting, and cooking.
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Life at Symphony Talent: Say Hello to Priyaranjan Mohapatra

Posted by Priyaranjan Mohapatra on December 19, 2018 at 8:00 AM

Turning Point

I remember October 25, 2016 like it was yesterday, but July 1, 2018 was my turning point.

I joined Symphony Talent on October 25 as a Quality Analyst for what is now X-Cloud Employee. I was on the payroll of a different company then and didn’t quite feel at home at ST. But on July 1, 2018, I officially joined the family. The journey has been an adventurous one – filled with learnings and opportunities to grow. Today, I’m a proud member of the X-Cloud team.

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