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Discover The Power Of A Personalized Career Site

Your career website is the central hub for and, in most cases, is a job seeker’s first look at your employer brand and workplace culture. But does your career site speak to (rather than at) the talent you want to attract?

Digital transformation has changed all the rules around candidate experience and expectations and it’s more important now than ever to deliver personalized, relevant content at the job level. Today, it’s less about what an organization wants to tell a candidate and more about what that candidate wants to know. In fact, a recent LinkedIn survey revealed that 94% of job seekers are likely to apply to a job when a company goes beyond “mission and values” and shares authentic insights on its career website about its culture, and stories from its employees.

A platform created for personalized experiences

Candidates expect a personalized experience as immersive and informative as any they’d enjoy on a consumer site – with recommendations, endorsements, and useful content to guide them step-by-step through their decision-making process.

Symphony Talent’s flexible, scalable Career Website solution was designed to deliver the candidate-centric experience today’s job seekers demand. By leveraging AI and machine learning, candidates are taken on a journey that is tailored to them based on their behaviors, with content that speaks to their interests and aspirations. Even better, the content gets more focused with every subsequent visit.

Fully-featured, totally immersive

Our career website solution personalizes every aspect of the career website experience:

Responsive, mobile-friendly design.
More than 80% of internet users are on mobile devices. Our “mobile-first” design approach means your site will look and function as well on a smartphone as it will on a desktop. And this “look” is maintained consistently, whether it’s a job description or a benefits page.

Enhanced job descriptions.
Because of social media and aggregators like Indeed and Google Jobs, four out of ten candidates will bypass your career website entirely. Symphony Talent’s enhanced job description pages allow you to deliver robust, personalized content – from videos to gaming to fit tools – that tells your unique story at the job description level.

Checkout style job applications.
Today’s candidates expect the application process to be as seamless and trouble-free as an any other online shopping cart. Our solutions platform makes sure you capture the information you need without putting candidates (and your recruiters) through a lengthy application process.

Single platform convenience.
By bringing your career website, talent community, and application processes into one unified experience with X-Cloud, candidates won’t get lost moving from platform to platform. And your recruiters will have one log-in, one set of data, and one source for reporting, which is simple yet powerful.

Find out more about how X-Cloud talent acquisition technology can help you create a personalized experience for your candidates while helping your recruiting team manage their time and resources more effectively.


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