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Take the Guesswork Out of Recruitment Marketing With Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence (AI), or machine learning, refers to super-intelligent algorithms. Essentially, AI means you can train computers to perform tasks — and learn from them — based on examples, rather than rely on human programming. By recognizing data, accordingly adjusting inputs and performing human-like tasks to accomplish specific goals, computers free up humans so they can focus on essential, more “complex” tasks.


Because a successful candidate journey mimics the consumer experience, AI can — and should — be at the forefront of your hiring strategy. Rather than leave recruiters out of work, it’s a talent acquisition enabler that’s key to sourcing, attracting and vetting top talent in the first place.

AI helps recruiters by offering:

  • Candidate job matching
  • Recommendations
  • Personalization throughout the process

With the help of AI, HR professionals can expect faster, more accurate candidate selection and higher engagement. And it all-but-eliminates abandoned “check-outs” during the application process by selecting and engaging with targeted, quality talent from the get-go.

AI — and specifically our X-Cloud technology — lets you provide the same consumer-quality experience candidates receive when they’re shopping online.

By automating most of the hiring process for you, our AI-powered X-Cloud platform lets you:

  • Hire quality talent faster, before the competition, thanks to AI-powered content and job recommendations.
  • Experience higher candidate engagement from the right job-seekers.
  • Make smarter decisions with AI recommendations and workflows supported by machine learning.
  • Do less and get more with AI and automation, while maximizing your talent pool and budget.

Essentially, AI-powered talent acquisition technology does the tedious, day-to-day work for you, freeing your talent acquisition team to focus on what matters most: relationship-building.


With artificial intelligence-based talent acquisition, you bring the best profiles to the top of the list. Eliminating the need to dig through resumes to get a sense of candidates, AI mimics the time-consuming recruiter step of looking at candidate profiles and bubbles the best candidates to the top of the list.

Artificial intelligence-based talent acquisition technology also lets you:

Save time and energy with bulk actions that let you quickly cycle through profiles.
Select and save only the most viable candidates.
Schedule interviews and effortlessly move candidates up or down in the process.
Bring laser focus to the top candidates, taking multiple star profile candidates and sending them directly to the hiring manager with the stroke of a finger.

Harness the Power of AI with Media Optimization. If you’re not using AI-powered recruitment technology, odds are your talent acquisition team is guessing what site to post a job to. M-Cloud does all of that work for you by automatically adjusting actions based on your priorities over time moving forward.

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