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PREP FOR PEAK: 6 Pro Tips for Seasonal Hiring Success

How does an organization plan for a major spike in its hiring needs? Of course a willingness to be flexible is important; however there are specific steps beyond this that will help an organization bring best-fit talent on board and get them up to speed quickly.
Retail, like many other industries, has been fundamentally transformed by consumer expectations not only in the store but also online. This on-demand webinar features DICK’S Sporting Goods, Inc., a leading sporting goods retailer, that was challenged to not only attract technical talent to support their growing eCommerce business, but also needed to recruit candidates for in-store positions during the peak holiday hiring season.

Headshot_JP in Feb 2017 (2)

JP Elliot, Ph.D.
Vice President of Talent, DICK’S Sporting Goods

Shannon Seery (2)

Shannon Seery,
Senior VP, General Manager - South, Symphony Talent

During this webinar, JP Elliott, Ph.D., Vice President of Talent at DICK’S Sporting Goods and Symphony Talent’s Shannon Seery share insights about how this Fortune 500 employer:

  • Built an Employer Brand that expresses their key pillars of purpose, teamwork and innovation
  • Activated its brand across multiple channels to recruit “best fit” candidates both for their stores and their growing technology needs
  • Achieved 94% of its Seasonal Hiring goal with marketing technology, up against major competitors like Target and Walmart
  • Generated excitement and urgency through relevant sponsorships and in-person experiences, including a “National Signing Day” during their peak hiring season

This on-demand webinar will be of interest to any organization looking for ways to use their employer brand to attract candidates in new markets, during seasonal hiring spikes, when opening new facilities and/or recruiting outside their traditional talent pool.

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