How can organizations ensure they are communicating their global employer brand effectively in an ever-crowded market? There are multiple recruitment touchpoints for potential candidates - both active and passive - but powerful content has the ability to leave a mark and play a critical role in their experience. Whether that's front of mind recognition, or even a push to application, content that's forged through your employer brand is a powerful tool to wield.

With social media and digital marketing playing a critical role across the candidate life cycle, content is more powerful than ever. Our webinar features Mars, a global FMCG with over 115,00 global Associates, who embraced a multi-faceted approach to planning, sourcing, creating and measuring content.

In this on-demand webinar, Mars' Alex Horner, Global Talent Marketing & Digital Manager, and Hodes’ (Part of Symphony Talent) Head of Social and Content, Tom Brickley, share their insights around how this world-famous, family owned business:
  • Identified the most effective content opportunities across their active channels
  • Developed key content pillars from their Employer Brand
  • Increased their reach across social and digital by over 150%
  • Introduced new forms of content and internal engagement

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Alex Horner