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Talent Marketing Trends: Looking Back and Moving Forward

The year is (finally) winding down. But as a TA professional, you need to be already gearing up for what lies ahead in 2019.

More and more, top Healthcare, Tech, and Finance companies find themselves competing for the same types of talent. At the same time, candidates for the most sought-after roles have come to expect a seamless, highly curated and personalized experience, rich in relevant content and full of insights about what it’s like to be work in - and be part of - an organization.

Madeline Laurano
Madeline Laurano,
Aptitude Research Partners
Shannon Seery (2)
Shannon Seery,
Senior Vice President, Strategy
Symphony Talent


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In our webinar, Madeline Laurano of Aptitude Research Partners, and Shannon Seery of Symphony Talent, review the top recruiting trends of 2018 and share their insights on which practices and technologies will influence talent acquisition strategies in 2019, including

  • Personalization: How technology, media, and creative services are aligning to deliver a truly personalized candidate experience journey.
  • Communication: Insights into different methods of communication that engage candidates throughout the hiring process, from initial interest through final offer.
  • Analytics: The more visible role analytics will play in talent acquisition for tracking advocacy effectiveness, conversion rates, and candidate engagement – as well as the need for recruitment leaders to assume a more strategic perspective.

If 2018 was the year when the candidate experience went front and center, what can we all expect to see in 2019? Will data and analytics continue to emerge as valuable tools in building a recruiting strategy? Will AI help drive even deeper engagement and retention? And which former “best practices” will need to finally be put on the shelf once and for all?

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