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The JOY Roadshow

Los Angeles, CA

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Watch the full virtual roadshow experience on-demand below

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The JOY Roadshow in Los Angeles

Part One
Welcome to LA! with Jenna Philkill, VP of Global Strategic Accounts, Symphony Talent

Local Business Spotlight: Hire Heroes USA featuring Kristin Sanderson, Director of Technical Account Management, Symphony Talent

Keynote: Jake Wood, Author & Founder, Team Rubicon

Part Two
The JOY Podcast with James Marable, Employer Brand Leader, Eli Lilly

RM Bootcamp #3 with Tim Sackett

Closing with Gina Alioto, VP of Transformation, Brand & Experience, Symphony Talent 


LA Pt 1
LA Pt 2

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Join the journey in Los Angeles

The Symphony Talent team stopped in the City of Angels along our #journeyofyes. LA is home to the first movie theater, where the Internet was born - and a whole lot of candidates who need a little more joy.


Unemployment rate


Job growth rate


Candidates with joy

One person lands the job and feels joy, but thousands will not. Your goal is to create a more dignified experience, as every candidate deserves a bit of respect and recognition in their pursuit. SmashFlyX is the how. Joy is our why.

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