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The JOY Roadshow

Dallas, TX

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Watch the full virtual roadshow experience on-demand below

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The JOY Roadshow in Dallas

Part One
Welcome to Dallas! with Roopesh Nair, CEO, Symphony Talent
The JOY Podcast with Debbie Tuel, Craig Fisher, and Nicky Gibson
Local Company Spotlight: May's Eats

Part Two
Toyota's Talent Acquisition Team
Local Artist Spotlight: Carriedzi
RM Bootcamp with Tim Sackett
Closing with Gina Alioto, VP Brand & Experience, Symphony Talent

Dallas Pt 1
Dallas Pt 2

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Join the journey in Dallas

Our first JOY Roadshow stop was the Lone Star State. The Dallas Fort Worth area is home to 24 Fortune 500 companies, and plenty of booming industries, all that need a little more joy.


Unemployment rate


Job growth rate


Candidates with joy

One person lands the job and feels joy, but thousands will not. Your goal is to create a more dignified experience, as every candidate deserves a bit of respect and recognition in their pursuit. SmashFlyX is the how. Joy is our why.

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