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The JOY Podcast

Episode Sixteen: The Power of Recruitment Marketing Agility

November 18, 2021
JOY Podcast - Episode 16-1

The JOY Podcast: Episode Sixteen 

The Power of Recruitment Marketing Agility

Debbie Tuel, Symphony Talent’s Chief Joy Officer, joins forces with Brandy Ellis, Head of Transformation to discuss the latest and greatest insights on candidate expectations and recruitment marketing. These two power-house ladies focus on the power of recruitment marketing agility.

It might seem strange to say, but 2020 was a year of great opportunity for companies — that is, if your strategy was agile enough to act on it. Overall, it was an unprecedented chance to talk to talent in relevant ways and positively connect your brand to their struggles, experiences, and future hopes.

But how does a company create (and maintain) agility? It boils down to building a strong, consistent recruitment marketing strategy and putting foundational tech pieces in place so you can adapt quickly when the unexpected happens.

In this podcast, Debbie and Brandy explain why the strongest tech foundations and most consistent employer brand approaches were the ones agile enough to launch impactful hiring initiatives and brand-first content campaigns. Listen in to learn how to tackle agile recruitment marketing.