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How are YOU today?

How about all those candidates in your pipeline, have you asked them?

Join us on a pursuit to help get people back to work faster and with a better experience. It’s a project that we’re calling The Joy Pipeline.

Let’s spark joy, NOW.

SmashFlyX by Symphony Talent helps recruiters achieve success.


Less admin. More admiration.

Eliminate the obstacles between what you have to do and what you were meant to do.

Isn't that why we're here?

Take DEI head on

A candidate experience where DEI can thrive. Read these best practices.

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Joymakers or Joytakers?

Is a cold candidate experience hurting your business?

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JOY Roadshow

We're taking joy on the road (virtually!) - are you with us?

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SmashFlyX Talent Aquisition Technology creates success for both recruiters and candidates

Your Joy Pipeline

Recruiters need a tool that automates their tasks and empowers them to get back to the part of the job they enjoy - building candidate relationships.

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What's Joy got to do with it?

Is it just a feel-good thing – or does joy hold deeper significance?

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The ROI for Joy

Leverage our recruitment marketing platform to make a positive impact on the world.

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joy           [ ‘jȯi ]

active noun

a feeling of happiness derived from success, caused by something exceptional.

In our world, joy comes from making candidates feel valued, positive and heard - whether or not they get an offer.

"A joy" is a person who causes happiness.

Do you want to be - and help find - someone who’s a joy to work with?

We’ve reimagined this site as a booklet, too. Send it to a colleague and spread some joy around! 

Joy is defined as a feeling of happiness derived from success.

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Why join the movement?

The Talent Board joins the journey to help recruiters get people back to work faster and with an exceptional experience.

Employers can't deliver an exceptional candidate experience if recruiters aren't having a good experience. The Joy Pipeline empowers recruiters to bring fairness to the candidate experience, and this is only possible if you know what your recruiters and candidates need. The Talent Board Benchmark Research Program helps you measure and understand your candidate experience perception gaps and the impact on your business while comparing your ratings against companies big and small across industries.

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Let's create a more dignified experience.

Recruiters, faced with mountains of applications and back-end admin duties, are asked to take on more...and more.

But, imagine being a candidate waiting more than three weeks to hear back about a job —or not at all.

One person lands the job and feels joy, but thousands and thousands will not. But every candidate deserves a bit of respect, recognition and yes, dignity in their pursuit.

Now, what will you do about that?

Today, it's grueling.

Until candidates hear back, if at all
Brands communicate anything beyond job alerts
Candidates share their bad experience publicly

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Take a look at our behavior wheel. What's it telling you?


For starters, that opposites distract. There’s a lot of sadness and mental anxiety today and that’s not just distracting but downright harmful.

  • Recruiters have too much on their plates and they’re always in a reactive mode.
  • Candidates are exhausted by a grueling process that destroys their confidence.

Recruiters need the help of automation and empowerment. Candidates need empathy and encouragement. Just a few changes can give the wheel a positive spin.

Joy is the antidote.

See how the Fortune 500 are creating a dignified candidate experience

JOY (3)

Source: UWA Emotional Psychology

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The business case for a better candidate experience.

Combine the CHRO’s knowledge of recruiting techniques with CMO’s marketing skills and you have a perfect blend of expertise for recruiting top talent and burnishing your brand’s reputation.

Help people get back to work faster
Deliver a fair and dignified experience
Pivot to market conditions
Build brand affinity through meaningful connections at scale

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Join us in partnership with leading organizations getting the world back to work, faster and with an exceptional experience.

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Let's finally talk about the candidate's experience, delivering it in a dignified way to combat their grueling job search.

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Automate and empower, so recruiters can focus on building relationships —the part of the job that brings them joy!

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Personalize communication at scale and build brand relationships without barriers.

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Exceptional experiences drive leading brands’ success: for their recruiters, candidates, and brand’s reputation overall.

HGV Symphony Talent
Vanguard Symphony Talent
UT Southwestern Symphony Talent
Advent Health Symphony Talent
T-Mobile Symphony Talent
Ecolab Symphony Talent
Trane Technologies Symphony Talent
Dicks Sporting Goods Symphony Talent
HP Symphony Talent
FCA Symphony Talent

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“The ROI on diversity is greater humanity.”

—Torin Ellis


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Your Joy Pipeline.

The candidate experience starts with the recruiter - and the recruiter needs to have the right tools in order to create a dignified candidate experience. 

Joy is our why. SmashFlyX is our how. 

Discover how SmashFlyX is helping recruiters (and in turn, candidates) get back to work faster and with a fair experience.

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Focus on relationships, not resumes.

Our platform is designed to take care of routine tasks so you can build personalized, positive candidate relationships at every point of contact.

SmashFlyX is the only recruitment marketing platform that brings it all together:  CRM, career site, programmatic advertising, referrals, talent mobility.

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“We have a powerful impact on the world, including the speed at which people get back to work.”

—Roopesh Nair, CEO

Symphony Talent partners with Fortune 500 organizations, who are each hiring thousands and thousands of employees. Through our world-class recruitment marketing platform, SmashFlyX, we create exceptional experiences for recruiters and sourcers as well as for their candidates (our end, end users).

Roopesh Nair CEO Symphony Talent

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Get to know the Joy Team

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The recruitment marketing
platform that's a joy to work in.

SmashFlyX recruitment marketing platform