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The Joy Pipeline

What brings you joy in your job?

Join us on a pursuit to achieve recruitment marketing success, both for your business and our collective impact on the world. It’s a project that we’re calling The Joy Pipeline®

Together, we create joy.

What's joy got to do with it?

How can we empower recruiters & help candidates feel joy again?

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The ROI for joy

Leverage our position and technology to make a positive impact on the world.

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Take DEI head on

DEI: What It Means, Why It Matters, How To Act

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Your Joy Pipeline

Discover how SmashFlyX is helping recruiters (and in turn, candidates) create joy.

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joy         [ ‘jȯi ]        active noun

a feeling of happiness derived from success, caused by something exceptional.

In our world, joy comes from making candidates feel valued, positive and heard - and empowering recruiters to get back to the part of the job they enjoy: building relationships.

Recruiters need the help of automation and empowerment. Candidates need empathy and encouragement.

Our mission is to help people achieve their goal of joy (happiness that comes from success). The movement is The Joy Pipeline, in partnership with our customers and industry partners.

Joy is the antidote. 

Until candidates hear back, if at all
Brands communicate anything beyond job alerts
Candidates share their bad experience publicly

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The business case for more joyful experiences.

What if you could simplify the recruitment process and BRING BACK JOY for both candidates and end-users?

Less admin time
& more time for

costs for technical

Robust pipelines
and more qualified

Reduce time-to-hire
for talent marketers
and get people back
to work faster

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Join us in partnership with leading organizations.

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Let's talk about the recruiter and  candidate experience, and their parallel journeys to success.

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Automate and empower, so recruiters can focus on building relationships —the part of the job that brings them joy!

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Personalize communication at scale and build brand relationships without barriers.

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Exceptional experiences drive leading brands’ success: for their recruiters, candidates, and brand’s reputation overall.

HGV Symphony Talent
Vanguard Symphony Talent
UT Southwestern Symphony Talent
Advent Health Symphony Talent
T-Mobile Symphony Talent
Ecolab Symphony Talent
Trane Technologies Symphony Talent
Dicks Sporting Goods Symphony Talent
HP Symphony Talent
FCA Symphony Talent

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“The ROI on diversity is greater humanity.”

—Torin Ellis

Take a deeper look into the How's and Why's of D&I, from defining it, to implementing an initiative, and why it makes good business sense.

Explore the candidate experience through a DEI lens, show how AI can help reduce bias, as well as the value of candidate personas as a source of untapped opportunity and inspiration.


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Your Joy Pipeline

The candidate experience starts with the recruiter - and the recruiter needs to have the right tools in order to create a dignified candidate experience. 

Joy is our why. SmashFlyX is our how. 

Discover how SmashFlyX is helping recruiters (and in turn, candidates) create a roadmap to joy.

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A joy to work with

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Focus on relationships, not resumes.

Our platform is designed to take care of routine tasks so you can build personalized, positive candidate relationships at every point of contact.

SmashFlyX is the only recruitment marketing platform that brings it all together: CRM, career site, programmatic advertising, referrals, talent mobility.

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Get to know the Joy Team

SmashFlyX Recruitment Marketing Platform

The recruitment marketing
platform that's a joy to work in.

SmashFlyX Recruitment Marketing Platform