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Symphony Talent Road To_

If you landed here, you must be curious. 

We too are a group of mighty curious people. Curiosity drives us to seek out the why, analyze the what, and innovate the how.

Meet us on the road and tell us about your own journey - and we’ll tell you about how we’re redefining how employers and talent connect.

We're passionate about helping brands navigate digital transformations, creating personalized candidate experiences, and equipping you with tools that you need to free up yourself and your teams to focus on building relationships and being creative.

We invite you to fill out the form to meet up at our next event. Our team of experts look forward to meeting you and sharing a wealth of knowledge on how we combine innovative talent acquisition technology, creative and branding, media optimization and strategy to deliver seamless, personalized experiences.

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Past Events

Unleash America.png

Unleash America

May 15-16

The world’s fastest growing community on the future of work, UNLEASH is ranked as the largest Corporate Network focused on the interface between people, technology, organizations and the future. In 2018, UNLEASH becomes the worlds leading marketplace and community on the future of the workplace and technology. Connect with Colleen to meet up with our experts that will be on-site at the event!



Employer Branding Conference

May 22-24

The Employer Branding Strategies conference topics this year include: how to strengthen your employer brand, crafting your employer brand strategy, as well as inspiring and practical case studies. Our Symphony Talent Expert, Eric Forst looks forward to seeing you there!


hci-social-share-image-2017.pngHCI 2018 Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference

June 5-7

The 2018 Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference will help you optimize the overall TA function as well as hone each segment -- attract, source, assess, select and onboard-- to give you the competitive advantage you need to survive in a scarce labor market. Meet Chris Sellinger on-site and ask him about how we are redefining brands and talent connect.


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