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shutterstock_574318549.jpgCharu Malhotra & Jess Von Bank go live at 10am CT >> Click HERE to join.

Charu Malhotra of Ferrero might be my new favorite guest on #TheRoadtoHRTech. I love any guest who challenges the way we think about connecting talent with employers. She also happens to work for the third largest chocolate confectionery group in the world. She practically makes chocolate. That makes her my new best friend. We chatted a couple of weeks ago, and I gushed about employer branding and advocacy for talent attraction. She waited patiently, then: “Jess, why don’t we turn our employer brands INSIDE our organizations to engage and retain the talent we worked so hard to attract and hire?”

Right. Retention is recruiting. Engaged employees are retained employees. We can create engaged employees. This just got good…..

Tune in today - Thursday, September 14 - at 10AM CT to understand Activate Your Employer Brand for Employee Engagement.

  • Who defines an Employer Brand?
  • We know employer branding is critical for attracting new talent; how should it be applied internally?
  • What are the ties between Employer Branding and Employee Engagement? Where does Employee Advocacy fit in?
  • How does all of this lead to retention?

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