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It’s Not HR Technology; it’s Workforce Experience


shutterstock_447414949.jpgI’m convinced E is the New Everything in our space. I trip over it conversationally on a daily basis.

Experience Economy.
Employee Experience.
Employee Engagement.
Energy, not just Engagement.


Jason Averbook joined me on The Road to HR Tech. We flipped Human Resources & technology on its head and came up with this: Workforce Experience. I’m as guilty as the next person for going on and on about the candidate experience which needs to emulate the consumer experience, but who’s going to send me flowers once I’m on board? Create a compelling, frictionless, digitized workplace experience that reinforces company culture and that allows me to do my best work and THEN – only then – you have won the talent war. While your competitors keep refilling the same reqs over and over….

Engagement creates business success. Employee Engagement (Workforce Experience) keeps people in the organization, allows them to do their jobs easily and focus on their strengths, and draws the best outcomes out of the talent and skills people were hired for. But here’s the key: HR doesn’t drive engagement. The BUSINESS drives engagement. HR can offer tools, implement processes, and shepherd programs in support but needs to be aligned with the entire organization to deliver effectively. That requires an intravenous - a conduit to deliver messaging. And that conduit is workforce technology.

We judge everything in the world - as a candidate, as an employee, as a consumer - by our experience. Workforce technology can only move from adoption to addiction by creating an experience. We focus so much on physical environment as a representation of culture; the ping pong table and snack fridge and what the office looks like. But most of our employee experience - especially in an evolving landscape where employees can work any time from anywhere - is digital. What does your employee portal look like? You know, your intranet? (Shudder.) Why do we not start there?

Make it easy for me to work; make me excited and inspired to work; help me do my work better. Get the Right Product to the Right People at the Right Moment through the Right Channel. Create a frictionless workforce experience and you’ll see addiction.

Jason breaks down 2 sets of measure to understand if Employee Engagement (Workforce Experience) is paying off. Catch the entire convo here!