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Getting Candid on Candidate Management


candidate managementMy first job out of college was selling commercial insurance to small business owners. Perfect first job - 6 months of classroom training, 3 months of field training, and I was off to the races. I’m thankful my first job taught me so much about solution selling. I did realize fairly quickly I wasn’t meant to sell fleet insurance to contractors and auto dealers in outstate Minnesota for the next 20 years.

The wife of my colleague was a “headhunter.” I envisioned something between a talent scout and a bounty hunter….there’s such a job as a “headhunter”? Soon enough I was running a clinical research desk for Management Recruiters International, placing Senior Regulatory Affairs Associates into the Japan office of Bausch & Lomb like I’d been “headhunting” forever. Not easy placements, and I had one major piece of technology to help me do it. The PHONE. I split my day in two - half a day cold calling the most highly sought after titles in clinical research for medical device and pharmaceuticals. The rest of the day “shopping” them to top employers who might need their particular and unique set of skills. PHONE, PHONE, PHONE. I felt like a matchmaker. And I was in heaven.

Holy WORK. No one was talking about Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing yet. I had a LinkedIn profile but no recruiter seat. I had a purchased database for cold calling, but it was next to worthless. Our job was to build it. If I posted a job to deepen my talent bench, I researched available job boards, industry groups and association memberships, and manually posted a job description I probably worked over myself.  Lots of call time and elbow grease, little tech.

Today’s recruiters and sourcers need to think and act like marketers, doing the usual resume screening, phone interviews, hiring manager intakes, interview scheduling, etc. Now ADD everything from job distribution and source measurement to social sourcing to talent brand advocacy to cultivating Talent Networks, event & campaign management, and writing SEO-friendly copy for job descriptions and self-service landing pages. Holy WORK.

Enter technology. Hello, specialized roles to break this work up. Welcome, Recruitment Marketing Platform. I was lucky to work for one of the first-to-market and best-in-breed at Jobs2web. And how far we’ve all come in the 10 years since. With the help of marketing-like tools, resources, and analytics, recruiters are ABLE to promote a talent brand, measure campaigns, adopt a proactive versus reactive approach to creating highly targeted pools of talent, nurture and educate talent until they’re ready to be engaged...Just. Like. A. Marketer.

I can’t wait to talk to Madeline Laurano about the role of Recruitment Marketing Platforms in Candidate Management, the role of services and Artificial Intelligence when it comes to driving value, adoption challenges, and more.

#TheRoadtoHRTech is tackling one of my favorite subjects - TECH - is it applies to my favorite humans on the planet (besides 3 little blondies under 40” tall) - RECRUITERS. Don’t miss our chat this Thursday, August 7, at 7AM CT. Subscribe now and we'll of course send you the link to join come Monday morning!