The CandEs Shop Talk podcast - Featuring Mark Hogan

With all the confusing noise out there about “AI technology” and its impact, here’s something to help improve your focus.

Recently, Mark Hogan, SVP, Strategic Accounts & Partnerships at Symphony Talent (and online yoga enthusiast), met up with recruiting industry influencer and Talent Board VP, Kevin W. Grossman. They talked about how AI is used to manage they way media dollars are being spent – and how a strong Employer Brand is vital for bringing the candidate experience to life.

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You’ll get expert insights into these and other topics of interest to the TA community

  • Making friends with your data
  • Automatically adjusting media buys in real time – and knowing when to pivot
  • AI vs. media consulting services: is there room for both?
  • The types of content candidates most want to see
  • Media strategies for engaging passive candidates
  • Connecting emotionally with candidates through your Employer Brand
  • Push media and push campaigns: the next Big Thing on Hulu?

All in just under 25 minutes – you’ll be glad you listened in!

Reaching thousands of listeners via SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play, CandE’s “Shop Talk”  podcasts are a series of discussions with talent acquisition leaders, industry influencers and technology providers about the business impact of HR, talent acquisition, recruiting technology and improving the candidate experience.