Advance Workplace Diversity and Inclusion. Our Military Hiring Talent Solution Can Help.

What you get with Symphony Talent Technology:

  • Targeted microsites that effectively market your brand to skilled veteran candidates.
  • Military Skills Translator translates between military and civilian job languages to deliver relevant, civilian jobs that align with the skills gained while serving.
  • Keep candidates engaged and returning to your career site with job alerts.
  • Recruitment Marketing Campaign development to Plan and execute a strategic campaign.
  • Direct access to the Talent Network to engage candidates that value your brand.
  • Maximize lead generation through drip campaign, advanced search, smart folders & Artificial Intelligence.
  • Easily address complex hiring workflows with a user friendly interface.

We’ll help you amplify your diversity and inclusion efforts. And recruiters will receive fewer resumes from unqualified candidates, making their jobs easier and reducing time to fill. Talk with an expert!