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Agility How a Strong Tech Foundation Leads to Recruitment Marketing

It might seem strange to say, but 2020 was a year of great opportunity for companies — you just needed to be agile enough to capitalize on it.

But how does a company create (and maintain) agility? It actually comes down to building a strong, consistent recruitment marketing strategy first. By planning and putting foundational tech pieces in place, you can adapt quicker when the unexpected happens.

In our 2021 Recruitment Marketing Strategies Report, we analyzed 27 critical recruitment marketing tactics across the Fortune 500’s career sites and talent networks to see what the world’s leading brands are doing (and also not doing) to engage and nurture talent. We found that the companies with the strongest tech foundations and most consistent employer brand approaches — like top overall scoring company CVS Health — were the ones agile enough to launch impactful hiring initiatives and brand-first content campaigns in a year when most communicating digitally meant everything to potential candidates.

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Join Kerry Noone, CVS Health director of employer branding and recruitment marketing, and Brandy Ellis, Symphony Talent head of recruitment marketing strategy and services, to uncover how a strong tech foundation leads to recruitment marketing agility.

You’ll get:

  • Surprising benchmarks on recruitment marketing adoption over 6 years 
  • An in-depth look at what Recruitment Marketing Pioneers do differently 
  • Real-life examples from leading organizations who remained agile in the face of unprecedented circumstances
  • Actionable ways to boost your RM strategy today, this month, and this year.

Our Speakers

Kerry Noone - CVS Health-1

Kerry Noone, CVS Health
Director of Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing

Brandy Ellis - Symphony Talent-1 

Brandy Ellis, Symphony Talent
Head of Recruitment Marketing Strategy & Services

View the recording to see how your experience stacks up to the Fortune 500 — and how you can build a tech foundation that preps you for anything.