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Explore SmashFlyX: Referrals & Talent Mobility

As threats of a recession loom and the talent landscape remains out of whack, talent acquisition, hiring and retention strategies are top of mind for most organizations. While layoffs and hiring freezes are always possible, companies with agile recruitment strategies and the right tech stack have plans to course-correct — no matter what the economy does.

Keep the top talent you have already attracted to your brand engaged and performing at your organization by offering talent mobility opportunities and referral programs, all available within your current tech stack

Join our upcoming product tour to learn how you can leverage SmashFlyX Referrals and Talent Mobility to:

  • Retain top employees with an internal career site
  • Market newly open jobs to employees first 
  • Continue to nurture loyalty in your brand 
  • Tap into employee networks with referrals

The time is now. Retain top talent. Recruit their friends.

Get the product tour on-demand

Devon B - circle

Devon Butterfield, Symphony Talent
Director, Head of Solutions Engineering

Sofie B - circle-2 

Sofie Buckland, Symphony Talent
Product Manager

Can't make it on November 16th? Register and we'll send you the recording to watch on-demand.