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Empower Recruiters to Attract Early Talent

In years past, early talent simply meant those with less than three years of work experience, typically composed of the year's graduating class and recent grads ready to fill entry-level roles. And the recruiting process became routine year after year with career fairs on campus, in-person networking, and so on. What’s different now? A whole lot actually. 

With everything shifting to virtual in the past year, the typical college recruitment program no longer exists and the demographic that makes up early talent has shifted. In order to attract this next generation of talent and provide them with the same personalized candidate experience of years past, you need to update your strategy.

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Join Elle Davison, IBM's Global Campus Attraction & EVP Development Lead and Symphony Talent’s Brandy Ellis, Head of Technology Transformation, to learn how to empower your team to attract the early career talent you need to fill your pipeline in today’s market.

You’ll get,

  • A redefined persona for early career talent
  • Best practices from leading organizations who adapted their strategy 
  • The tech stack you need to fuel and fill your pipeline
  • Actionable ways to boost your strategy today, this month and this year.

Our Speakers

Elle Davison

Elle Davison, IBM
Global Campus Attraction & EVP Development Lead

Brandy Ellis - Symphony Talent-1 

Brandy Ellis, Symphony Talent
Head of Technology Transformation

View the recording to learn how to update your strategy to attract early career — and the tech stack you need to activate it.