The Business Case for Employee Engagement

Employee engagement isn’t a soft and fuzzy HR concept. Driving employee engagement protects the investment you’ve made in hiring key talent, and organizations need to deliver an experience that engages and inspires from the first interaction to the last. Why? Because unengaged employees hit the bottom line. Hard. Here’s how:

  • 4% of employees don't even show up on their first day
  • 20% of new hires quit within the first 45 days
  • 90% of employees decide whether to stay with the organization or leave within the first 6 months
  • Gallup estimates the cost of actively disengaged employees at $450-550 billion dollars in lost productivity annually

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Employee engagement is the thing you can most easily affect to realize the biggest payoff to the bottom line of your organization.

On November 16th 2017, we made the business case for employee engagement and learned more about:

  • What does an engaged employee look like and when does it really start?
  • How does strategic onboarding play a role and what are the tangible wins?
  • What is the true role of recruitment and advocacy in shaping the employee experience?
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