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Your Talent Network Is Underutilized (That’s a Fact, Not a Question)

Lauren Tartaglino
February 24 ․ 4 min read

Getting a new piece of tech is exciting, and a talent network is no different. You made your business case (go you), you got buy-in from your stakeholders (awesome job) and you’ve purchased and implemented the product (FANTASTIC). What do you do next? Set up job alerts! Now here’s the part where most companies make a mistake (we’re talking 97% of the Fortune 500). They stop there.

Adoption doesn’t equal maturity

In our recruitment marketing strategies research, we found that talent networks were a priority investment in 2020. But while 76% of the Fortune 500 have a talent network or job alerts, only 54% communicate after the confirmation email, and a shockingly low 7% send any content other than jobs.

It's no secret that the more options you give candidates to opt in outside of applying, the more potential talent you can tap into in the future. And although we haven't seen the improvements year over year that we hoped for, this increase in adoption means teams are starting to broaden how they think about critical candidate touchpoints.

So as astonishing as those stats may seem, it's an easy fix when you have the right candidate relationship management (CRM) tool in place. We’re slowly seeing the talent network black hole start to close, and recruiting teams are tapping more into automated CRM communication — albeit mostly in the form of job listings, but at least we’re seeing an effort to keep in touch with interested talent. 

Here’s a quick snapshot of what you can do to boost your talent network:

Recruitment marketing strategy talent network tips


Structuring your talent network data to make it useful

The goal of a talent network is to build a pipeline of your most relevant, engaged candidates. Once you have that pipeline, how do you get them to cross this finish line and apply? 

The simple answer is personalization.

When your talent network is synched with your CRM to send automated communications, you have the opportunity to get to know your audience and their interests. And most importantly, you can begin to tailor relevant content other than job alerts to help them get through the application and hiring process more efficiently. Leading organizations, like CVS Health, understand that recruitment marketing agility is essential for success, so instead of spending money arbitrarily through the traditional funnel, they send targeted messages and apply resources wisely.

Join our upcoming webinar to hear first-hand from Kerry Noone, Director of Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing at CVS Health, how they pivoted and flipped the funnel to meet their needs in 2020. I’ll give you a preview—it all started with some preparation and a strong tech foundation. Register now to join live or view on demand.