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Your Recruitment Automation Checklist

It's Monday, which means the "just checking in on X role" emails are topping your or your recruiters' inboxes. We all know the pain of too many open roles and not enough candidates to fill them, and we also know the existential dread of those evergreen open positions that require an endless talent pool of warm leads. 

But what can you do, especially in a candidate-centric economy, to expedite the process? 

Lean into the recruitment tools and engagement strategies 2022 has to offer. 

  • Centralize, manage and automate hybrid events
  • Meet, screen and qualify candidates virtually anytime
  • Create, manage and deploy targeted CRM campaigns 

Your (Partial) Recruitment Automation Checklist 

Your engagement strategy needs to be automated and expedited to attract people to your organization in today’s candidate-centric workforce.

(Want to learn even more about accelerating candidate connections with recruitment marketing tools? Check out "Your Guide to Accelerating Canddaoye Connections: The new rules of recruitment marketing engagement.") 

Save Recruiter Time & Accelerate Candidate Connection with Scheduling Features

Schedule Hybrid Recruitment Events. 

Centralize, manage and automate hybrid events.

  • Create virtual or in-person events and track activities from pre-registration, during the event, post-event follow-up and ultimately, conversion to job applicant

  • Centralize events management in your CRM and easily add to your career website

  • Track registered contacts through automated routing into events folders

Schedule Traditional or On-Demand Interviews.

Meet, screen and qualify candidates virtually anytime.

  • Select timeslot options for candidates; allow them to schedule themselves

  • Use interview templates with questions sets for popular job categories

  • Choose questions from the library bank

Schedule Marketing & Job Campaigns 

Create, manage and deploy targeted campaigns. 

  • Spin up new landing pages and launch multichannel recruitment campaigns 

  • Auto-segment candidate audiences into specific pipelines and sort by folders, tags or jobs to create personalized messaging 

  • Design custom communications to instantly respond to behaviors and attributes with drip campaigns
Want even more scheduling tips?

Access the full, FREE Automation Checklist here. 

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