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Customer Service 101 - Rules for Success

Posted by Michael Field on August 7, 2018 at 8:00 AM

Here’s something you might find interesting: A study done by UC, Irvine found that a typical office worker gets only 11 minutes between each interruption, while it takes an average of 25 minutes to return to the original task after an interruption.

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Simplifying the Recruiter Experience with ST Health

Posted by Mike Hargrove on May 31, 2018 at 10:46 AM

In my last blog, I touched on some of the headaches and frustrations healthcare recruiters face when trying to attract and engage great candidates. A lot of it comes down to time and resources – and how to free them up so recruiters spend less time on the back end of things and more time attracting great candidates and developing/motivating current employees.

Until recently, most technologies used for talent acquisition (including the ATS) functioned more or less independently from each other. And while each might capture reams of data, the information is siloed. There’s no holistic perspective or meaningful way to manage and interpret the information – or use it strategically.

At Symphony Talent, we’ve recently launched a brand-new platform – ST Health – that brings it all together – with a fully featured, end-to-end talent acquisition experience that simplifies and increases the effectiveness of all acquisition, nurturing and hiring processes.

At this point you might be thinking, “Okay, this sounds fantastic in theory, but how will it improve the recruiter experience from an everyday, practical standpoint?”

Fair enough.

So rather than my trying to explain all the features and advantages of the ST Health platform, soup to nuts, let’s focus on a specific example relevant to healthcare recruiting in the real world:

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Are You Creating a Great Recruiter Experience?

Posted by Mike Hargrove on May 23, 2018 at 10:57 AM

It’s no secret that hospitals and the healthcare industry in general are big on the customer experience. Virtually anyone who has spent time as a patient has been asked to complete a satisfaction survey. And for many people, online reviews of healthcare providers and the quality of care patients received have become increasingly important tools for selecting where they seek treatment.

This data is captured, analyzed, measured and interpreted very seriously, since less than stellar reviews or ratings can have potentially enormous financial and even hiring implications for healthcare providers. (A story in itself!)

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Delivering a Successful Diversity Recruiting Program

Posted by Roopesh Nair on May 10, 2017 at 12:00 PM

Diversity has been a hot topic in the corporate world for years now. It seems every other organization has been scrambling to prove their commitment to diversifying their workplace cultures—issuing new policies, PR announcements, and mission statements at a breakneck pace.

That’s all well and good, but companies that are truly serious about diversity know they need to start at the source: diversity recruiting. Why all this hullabaloo about diversity in recruiting? And—just as importantly—how do you ensure your own diversity recruiting efforts deliver? Let’s explore:

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