The End-to-End Talent Acquisition Approach that Takes the Cake

Sheridan Gaenger
April 11 ․ 6 min read

Creating a New Kind of Impact: Lean In to What Your Recruiters Are Begging For


We are in the midst of a recruitment marketing transformation. What was once a simple compilation of tools, set in motion by simple transactions has evolved into a process that is hyper-personalized and fueled experience. Recruiters used to wear one hat -- hire for the open rec. Today recruiters do that and more. They source, they engage, they nurture, they connect with candidates on personal level that sparks relationship-based recruitment -- a responsibility that demands the best tools and technology.

While legacy solutions may seem like the simple path, today’s landscape is far from simple. Candidates demand more, they want more. The market leaves no room for error, no room for mishmash.

It’s time to put your recruiters in the driver’s seat and give them the power to engage in ways that the modern candidate expects. With the war for talent unleashing new challenges every day, there is no room for mediocre experiences. In order to deliver on such expectations, talent leaders need to calibrate their solutions accordingly -- your recruiters need a solution that works for them, that supports them and positions them to be successful. Integrated platforms offer practically unlimited advantages to talent acquisition departments that choose to invest in such an innovative solution.

Here are some more of those benefits:

  • Better decision-making analytics: Data is compiled at every stage of the talent acquisition process, which can be applied to future decisions and strategy. Want to see which channels of your recruitment marketing efforts are resulting in quality hires? The data produced by an integrated platform can answer that question and more. Recruiters simply log in to one site and see a host of advanced data, as well as, on a more granular level, what they can do to close the deal with individual candidates.
  • Better candidate experience: Candidates who aren’t jumping from solution to solution just to learn more about your company, apply, and be hired are generally more engaged in the entire process. Give candidates a seamless journey to hire, complete with personalized content and consistent messaging, and they will be more likely to apply, accept the job, and become productive employees. And even if they aren’t hired, they remain candidates you can continue to engage, thus remaining on your radar (and tuned in to your company as well) when future opportunities arise.
  • Better candidates: Your talent acquisition efforts should find the best candidates—people who are qualified, enthusiastic, and want to work for your company. Integrated platforms address this by improving the candidate experience, identifying the habits and preferences of your best candidates, matching them with the right jobs relevant to their skills and experience, and nurturing the candidate all the way to and past hire.
  • More productive employees: Better candidates ideally will lead to more productive employees. Moreover, features such as onboarding tools and skill assessments help ensure new hires are in the roles best suited to their abilities. Also, more productive employees are generally happier employees who are less likely to leave on a whim; this reduced turnover strengthens the overall talent acquisition process even more.
  • Faster time to hire: With an end-to-end solution, candidates directly move from one stage of the hiring process to the next. They never get lost—and you never lose them. This efficiency, combined with a strong employer brand that touts everything you have to offer, reduces time to hire.
  • Cost-effectiveness: You require the best candidates in as a little time in possible because, ultimately, such a strategy is cost-effective, not only in terms of the resources you devote to talent acquisition, but also to the value that productive employees bring to your organization. The efficiency and success that an integrated platform offers can save money and strengthen the bottom line of your department and your company.

There are many problems with trying to manage and juggle multiple point solutions. A single, complete talent acquisition platform can streamline, declutter, and transform all facets of the candidate’s journey for the candidate, recruiter and employer.

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