The Advocacy Advantage

Jess Von Bank
October 4 ․ 6 min read


You have a secret weapon your competitors don’t have. It’s the secret sauce in your business recipe. You invest more in this asset than anything else in your company. Without this foundation, your company doesn’t exist. It’s your people.

“Success in business is all about people, people, people. Whatever industry a company is in, its employees are its biggest competitive advantage.” Richard Branson

Your employees wake up every single day and think about you. They experience and infuse your culture, serve your customers, create your products, support your mission and uphold the vision your company espouses. If you engage them appropriately, they feel a sense of satisfaction, reward, pride, and purpose in doing this. If you incent them properly, they’re motivated to do more for you. The happier they are, the happier your customers are (proven fact).

How did you gain that kind of loyalty, trust, and dedication? You told your story, and it resonated with people who wanted to tell that story, too. Your employees wanted to work for you because they believed.


Let’s talk about believability. I technically believe product packaging and advertising. Technically. But you’re supposed to say you’re amazing, Consumer Brand. When a friend or acquaintance in my network says something is amazing? Different story. I believe you; I trust humans.

Your employees are sitting on rich networks of friends, family, acquaintances, and peers who believe them. Trust them. Your talent brand is doing its job conveying your incredible corporate culture, demonstrating passion for the company’s mission and values, illustrating the meaningful work your employees do. But you’re supposed to say you’re amazing, Talent Brand. When your employees say the same thing, it feels more authentic, carries more weight, earns more trust, and garners 8x more engagement. And…..and, their cumulative connections are 10x greater than your brand can reach alone. 

ST-Infographic_Employee Advocacy_Oct2017.jpegTHE POWER OF ADVOCACY

That’s the power of employee advocacy. If you’re not lighting up your employees with your message, you’re missing out on a valuable employer branding and recruitment marketing channel. But you’re also missing out on an opportunity to further engage and inspire the only people who wake up thinking about your company every single day. To engage me is to make an advocate of me; to make an advocate of me is to engage me. I can see ROI for miles and miles on this one.

With an employee advocacy solution powered by X-Cloud, you make it easy, fun, and rewarding for employees to share with their networks. Besides ensuring adoption, automating your advocacy approach also allows tracking so you know what resonates and converts.

Employee advocacy can be your competitive differentiator if you allow it to. Check out our latest infographic, “Leveraging Employee Advocacy - Not Optional,” and learn why you must include an advocacy tool in your recruiting arsenal.



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