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Talent Marketing is Recruitment Marketing 3.0, and You Need to Get on Board

The Symphony Talent Team
February 21 ․ 5 min read

Talent MarketingRecruitment marketing — at its core — is about posting, or advertising jobs on a career website or job board and, traditionally using CRM to push email communications to candidates in the hope of getting them to convert. Talent marketing, on the other hand, takes into account the entire candidate lifecycle, with appropriate, relevant and personalized communications. 

Talent marketing is what’s required in this challenging job market with low unemployment, an influx of specialized talent and the need to communicate with said talent where they are, when they want and precisely how they wish to engage. This is true in the initial nurture stage as well as when a candidate becomes an employee or turns into alumni of your organization. After all, high-quality talent often comes to you through word of mouth. 

Really, talent marketing targets people who are a great fit, bringing them into your talent community while allowing you to express your employer brand and boost your EVP. It’s about attracting and engaging with hard-to-acquire and hard-to-keep talent at a time of low unemployment using omnichannel communications that stick.

Yes, there are more channels than ever before to do that — so much so that it can feel daunting. Fortunately, with talent marketing technology like XCloud, there’s no need to fret since it does the work for you, engaging with candidates on your behalf, regardless of where they are, in ways that feel meaningful, purposeful and methodical. It makes candidates — and potential candidates — feel good about your brand, creating ambassadors and advocates. That’s true whether they’re a part of the gig economy or considering coming back from retirement to work for your organization anew. 

Why is talent marketing so integral? Because our's is an era of highly talented, ultra-trained talent that’s bombarded with job opportunities. Employers need to cut through the noise with a message and communication vehicle that expresses your organizations’ differentiators, captures data that drives personalized communication and delivers your EVP in ways that resonate and convert. 

At its finest, talent marketing attracts, nurtures and engages talent from the pre-heat interview stage to the applicant, hire, employee and alumni phases using automated, timed communications that strike an emotive cord and bring your employer brand to life

Simply advertising to a candidate won’t cut it anymore. You need conversational talent marketing on your side. Omnichannel in approach, it takes into account the entire talent lifecycle using consistent, effective communications, ones that reinforce your employer brand at every touchpoint. It converts passive job seekers, nurtures those who need nurturing and turns employees — both present and past — into brand ambassadors. That way, you secure the right-fit talent you need. 

The time to cater to a wide, diverse range of active and passive job seekers across generations is now. And you’re going to have to take a one-to-one, personalized approach to communications. If you don’t, you risk undermining your hiring efforts and letting true talent slip through the cracks.