Programmatic Media Shines the Light on Informed Business Decisions

Jon Nelsen
October 31 ․ 4 min read

Programmatic Job Advertising helps make informed business decisionIdentifying influencers of candidate engagement illuminates more efficient paths to conversion. After all, driving candidates to apply to your jobs on your career site is the goal. With programmatic media behind the wheel, you know — beyond a shadow of a doubt — the last thing a candidate sees before they apply. Typically, that's going to be a job board, such as Indeed, Zip Recruiter or Glassdoor. Remember, though, that before they reach the point of applying, it took about 14 to 18 touchpoints to get them there. By that time, the candidate already knows who you are. They've already interacted with your brand. They've already seen what you wanted to show them.

Why does it matter what happened before that point? Knowing where candidates are going and why helps you know what an effective use of your budget looks like, as well as where you need to increase your budget and promote content. Say you see a lot of people are going to the Glassdoor site before they apply for jobs and Glassdoor appears on your influencers report. That signals you need a presence on Glassdoor and that all content needs to be curated, up to date and sending the right message — one that’s aligned with your employer value proposition.

But it’s not just aggregate job boards that matter. Perhaps a candidate last saw a banner ad, read a promoted Instagram content piece, or visited a diversity or veteran site to see how you stack up as an employer. That’s incredibly valuable information too. If that site accepts “tracking tags” —most websites do these days — programmatic media will know. That means you’ll know too.

At the same time, programmatic media lends insight into the cost per hire, time to hire, cost per application and candidate drop off. Want to know where your hires coming from? Wondering about the quality of your candidates? Programmatic media makes that clear, too. You receive centralized reporting and clear mapping to drivers and influences. With that data, you’re able to make real-time changes. You can use the data to further personalize the candidate experience, for example, or to create a better flow to the candidate journey in order to reduce drop-off.

That comprehensive information then empowers your future financial decisions. It helps you budget for next year or the next quarter, based on data rather than feeling. And it makes you a key player in your organization — one who is clearly mapped to your company’s bottom line.

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