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Hire Faster and Smarter with Programmatic Job Advertising

The Symphony Talent Team
April 12 ․ 11 min read

Are you interested in learning more about programmatic media? Below are eight key questions people frequently ask me about programmatic media (also know as programmatic job advertising), followed by the answers that will help define what it is and how it can work for you.

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What is programmatic media? 

How does programmatic media attract right-fit, quality talent? 

How does programmatic media automatically spend and adjust my advertising dollars?

What are the major channels and components used in recruitment advertising?

How can programmatic media help me win at high-volume hiring and improve ROI?

How can programmatic media help me focus on the distribution of candidates to the right jobs?  

How does programmatic media work with my media strategy?

How does programmatic media leverage automation to win hires and influence candidates?


What is programmatic media?

At its most basic, programmatic marketing (and the associated media) uses analytics and machine learning to target specific audiences with whom you want to send your recruiting message. It uses a set of sophisticated algorithms to serve ads to people who fit the profile of a possible candidate for your organization. It also optimizes the ad buying process in real-time which leads to high cost efficiency. Even better, programmatic talent acquisition software requires a minimum manual tweaks and monitoring, freeing up your time to handle other critical (and more people-centric) tasks.

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How does it attract right-fit, quality talent?

You need to talk to the right people in the right way. Programmatic hiring software is extremely important at this stage since it empowers you with portable, relevant data that can be applied to your career website — and beyond. It lets you zero in on right-fit talent when you remarket, too — including for niche markets with the goal of attracting quality talent. 

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How does it automatically spend and adjust my budget?

Programmatic recruitment marketing techniques allow leaders to focus more on their brand instead of figuring out the best websites to buy banner ads. It allows recruiters to have the time to instead c while trusting that the job openings that are lagging behind will be sponsored on the best performing sites. Most importantly, it prevents employers from spending programmatic advertising dollars on strategies that don’t work just because they are locked into long contracts or don’t have the resources to constantly monitor their data.

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What are the major channels used in recruitment advertising?

In the three major channels, every click or impression is dealt with as an individual media buy. Each channel works on an auction system that determines which ads are most relevant to the user and then allows an advertiser to place a bid to serve them an advertisement. Once the winner of the auction is decided, that advertisement is then served to the user in real time as the page loads.

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How does it help me win at high-volume hiring?

A programmatic recruitment platform — complete with robust, predictive analytics — can also help reduce media cost per application and media cost per hire, while letting you easily identify ROI at a job level in real-time. And because a programmatic media solution automatically targets the right jobs at the right time, while allocating the optimal budget amount to the top performing publishers in each campaign, based off your own data, the heavy lifting is done for you. 

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How does it help me distribute candidates to the right jobs?

Technology solutions can absolutely drive lower-and-lower media cost-per-hire statistics. However, it’s important to not fall into the analytics trap, whereby a little understanding of the data is much more dangerous than no understanding at all. In reality, you have to focus on candidate quality, volume, and the distribution of candidates to the right types of job openings in the right locations. The way to game the system and drive a low “CPH” stat is to spend very little money, bid very low amounts for advertising clicks and impressions, and do only the things that drive lots and lots of applicants to easy-to-fill high turnover roles. 

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How does it work with my media strategy?

You can tackle next year’s media strategy calmly and methodically to great effect. You can bring talent into your experience, nurture them to hire and free up recruiters to close the deal. At the end of the day, recruiters are not marketers and you shouldn’t expect them to be. So let a tech-fueled media strategy do the heavy lifting for you. Let it adjust your spend as the market and situation dictates. And let it nurture quality candidates and passive job-seekers on your behalf. 

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How does it leverage automation to win hires and influence candidates?

To improve results along every single part of your talent marketing funnel, you’re of course going to need data that relates to every single part of your talent marketing funnel.  We’ve got you fully covered on that - standard for all clients, and we are alone in that capability. 

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With many different platforms, channels, and ways to reach your prospective candidates, the digital landscape is certainly complicated to navigate. At Symphony Talent, we’ve developed a programmatic technology platform tailored to the recruitment industry that allows you to flexibly and easily manage (and optimize) campaigns across all channels. Interested in learning more? Connect with us!programmatic job advertising