Data From Programmatic Media - Plus a Strategic Partner - Produces Results

Jon Nelsen
November 7 ․ 5 min read

Symphony Talent Blog - Data From Programmatic Media — Plus a Strategic Partner — Produces ResultsAs recruitment marketing metrics and capabilities continue to evolve, there are some interesting trends that will likely impact your business down the line.

A strategic partner helps drive success

Part of the strength of using a programmatic platform like Media Cloud is the sheer number of places that people can interact with your brand. It allows you to grow your audience, from the hundreds of thousands to millions or more. All the while, you see everything all in one place, with centralized reporting that lets you compare things like your application hire or quality of candidates by volume.

Symphony Talent Webinar featuring Reyes

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Leverage data and optimize results

What’s the big deal, you say? Well, you can be hurt by not knowing data. Without data you can’t make the right budgeting decisions. You don’t know how many applications and hires you got from a source. You don’t know the amount of traffic a source produces, or how to budget for it. Plus, you don’t know what drives and influences candidates. If something isn’t driving a lot of applications to your core site, don’t you want to know if it’s influencing them at all? With black-and-white data in front of you, you can decide if your budget is better spent somewhere else.

If you don't know how one of your media engagements is performing, you don’t know what's effective. Therefore, you can't make solid budget decisions. On the flipside, having that knowledge helps you optimize your budget. You can you can try different things. You can experiment in new places. You can look at a media that is performing well and try something that's similar. Then again, you can simply expand on successful, existing media efforts with confidence. And if something is performing badly? Cut it loose — and feel good about it. With programmatic media on your side, the days of designing an annual budget based solely on the previous year are gone.

Set your own pace 

Perhaps you’re not doing programmatic now. Maybe it seems overwhelming. The truth is, you can enlist a little bit at a time until you have a fine-tuned, comprehensive programmatic strategy that uses your budget effectively — with great results. Having a strategic partner helps you build that strategy and get to that point.

When properly enlisted, programmatic media lets you “set it and forget it,” provided you have the know-how and foresight to adjust as needed. A strategic partner helps you develop a short and long-term strategy around media performance while helping you make decisions in real time, depending on where the data leads you. It turns out, we do that, award-winningly well.

Expand your knowledge on programmatic advertising

Learn more by watching our webinar on demand featuring  Reyes Holdings’ Leanne Murray and Jon Nelsen from Symphony Talent. They share insights on how Reyes Holdings prioritized personalization and used candidate data to identify everything that influences a candidate’s engagement with the global food and beverage distributor’s brand.

Symphony Talent Webinar - Influencing the Candidate Experience with the Power of Programmatic