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Tech Adoption: How to Socialize New Technology at Your Organization

Callie Kloenne
November 10 ․ 6 min read

When introducing a new piece of tech, your employees have no choice if you make the new technology mandatory. However, you leave room for workarounds or the option to go back to the old tech or processes. 

Why? Because without buy-in, users are less likely to want to learn the new tech. 

To truly drive change and hone the behaviors you need for your culture to drive business success, shift to generating demand.

Symphony Talent's VP of Brand & Experience, Gina Alioto, conducted F500 research to find talent acquisition leaders' top reasons why their tech adoption was successful, and socializing the tech was just one piece. See all of her research findings here

User Buy-In Increases Adoption Rates

If you’re going to invest in new technology, your work culture needs to support the change. 

According to Symphony Talent’s research, socializing, creating anticipation, and earning buy-in were cited as the most critical success factors for successful adoption. 

As a result, we’ve determined you must employ an experiential lens to "how" to drive change. In other wordsyou must create an experience.

Tips on how to drive adoption

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Lean into Your Brand Power 

There’s great power in branding your initiative. Leverage your employer brand to drive awareness and socialization of the new technology across your organization. 

Branding can be as simple as a name and a vision statement. It validates your effort and promises consistency. And, a name injects emotion and an element of fun into the change experience, something that people can rally around. 

Employer Branding 

Another simple way to brand your initiative is to use your employer brand, colors and create an icon. 

At Symphony Talent, we use a magenta light bulb icon to represent our “Educate & Empower” transformation initiative. 

Advertise the ‘What’s In It For Me?’ 

Branding and socializing require you to show the “what’s in it for me?” Just like a well-orchestrated marketing campaign, leverage an omnichannel strategy to socialize the technology and generate demand. 

Your audience groups are your key stakeholders, your leadership team, influencers, end-users, and your greater organization. Each of these audiences needs personalized messages with information that is relevant to them. 

This is not about the volume of communication but rather about being strategic with your communication designed to generate demand (to influence and drive change). Constantly test, evaluate, and optimize. If one form of communication isn't working, be agile to try another method so that the information reaches your target audiences and is absorbed.

(To learn more about behavior change, check out "3 Steps to Drive Behavior Change and Adoption of New Technology." 

Want to learn more? 

Making tech mandatory is the first step. But that’s not the last. Ensure that your adoption initiative lives, breathes, and sustains in the company’s culture. 

Check out “The Ultimate Guide to Recruitment Marketing Tech Adoption.”

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