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Talk Data to Me: How Recruitment Data Accelerates Connections

Talent analytics allow you to measure the effectiveness of recruitment marketing activities and media performance, including job boards, banner ads, emails, social media and career site activities. 

They also enable you to drive business decisions and benchmarking and gain insight into talent information and hiring processes—including all job information and metrics, from initial application to candidacy, job offer and hire.

Look at your data to find the balance between your long and short-term recruitment strategy to accelerate your candidate connections.

Accelerate Connection with Clean Recruitment Data

Before you're able to jump in and use your data to accelerate candidate connection, you need to better understand how data feeds your strategy.

Begin by looking at your data to find the balance between your long and short-term recruitment goals. 

Long-term Data Goals that Build Your Employer Brand 

When determining which talent analytics drive your long term strategy, ask yourself: 

  1. Are your challenges awareness or driving consideration for taking the job?
  2. How do you improve your brand presence? 

To tackle these big questions, you’ll want to review a collection of data points (usually six months of data) and review where and what works against talent segments. 

Note: These evaluations and fixes take time, and that’s what you need real-time, clean data that syncs across systems into one holistic data platform. 

Short-term Data Fixes for Today & Tomorrow 

If you don’t see value in your reporting capabilities, it’s time to look at your data dashboards and view options.

Your data should be your best friend and enable your users to accelerate hiring. 

Note: Start by reviewing your current cost-per-hire. This is the average of total costs divided by the number of hires. If your system can’t gather this info quickly, it’s time to call customer support.

Talent Marketing KPIs to Review in Your Talent Platform Today

Hires KPIs:

    • Cost-per-hire
    • Time-to-hire
    • Source of hire
    • Candidate experience scores 
    • Job offer and acceptance rates

Web Analytics: 

  • Visits
  • Bounce Rate
  • Page-views
  • Pages per Visit
  • Conversions
  • Average Time on Site

Relationship Marketing KPIs: 

  • Emails Delivered
  • Bounces
  • Bounce Rate
  • CTR
  • Email Opens
  • Email Clicks
  • Open Rate
  • Applications attributed to emails sent 
  • Hires attributed to emails sent from

Job Board KPIs:

  • Job Views                        
  • Apply Attempts
  • Apply Attempts per posting
  • Cost per Apply Attempt
  • Number of Active Jobs                                                                                                                  
  • Total Ad Hoc Spend

Look at Data as a Whole 

A common mistake that TA teams make is having too narrow of a view. You can have all the data, it can be clean, it can be timely, but if you only zero in on limited data, you’ll fail to see the correlation and valuable insight between other metrics. 

By sorting, arranging, and visualizing your data, you can see if you’re meeting your KPI’s and bringing your data to life. 

Think of the story your data tells as a “choose your adventure” where you can optimize your recruitment marketing strategy as needed.

Read more about talent analytics in “Recruitment Marketing Analytics Should Tell a Story: Tips To Get Your Data Talking.

Want to discover the KPIs you should be tracking? 

Check out "Your Guide to Accelerating Candidate Connection: The new rules of recruitment marketing engagement." 

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