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TA Technology Should Solve Problems: Does Yours?

Roopesh Nair
June 4 ․ 8 min read

There’s nothing more frustrating than when technology doesn’t work. Alexa mishears your request to add “sandwich bags” to your shopping list and instead adds “mean witch bags” (what?). Your second screen just won’t connect to what you want to display. You gave up trying to get your wireless sound bar to sync to the right remote a week ago.

Technology is supposed to solve problems, not create them. And if it solves your problems, it shouldn’t be at the expense of your sanity ‒ or enjoyment. Somehow, though, a lot of talent acquisition technology seems to create problems and frustration.

But we’re at a turning point. Talent acquisition has always been the behind-the-scenes backbone of business success. Now, it will be the visible foundation of rebuilding our economy ‒ and people’s lives.

You are that foundation. And you need your own foundation. I believe that great people will always be the core, but technology is what makes our great people even greater. More efficient. More informed. More prepared.

It’s why we’ve been working hard for the past eight months to strengthen our reimagined talent marketing platform. Enter SmashFlyX.

It will help your team focus on what matters most (and automate all the rest of it in a blink). It will create efficiency, streamline information, and empower decisions for what’s next.

In short: It will turn talent marketing greatness into talent marketing magic.


What makes talent marketing magic.

Before the product should always come the problems it will solve. Every decision made in building SmashFlyX was fueled by solving challenges we’ve heard firsthand — and foresee coming.

I won’t rehash the chaos that ensued from COVID-19 (and the challenges in talent acquisition span further than just those accelerated by the pandemic). But from my conversations with customers and practitioners in the past three months, there were two immediate reactions to addressing their problems:

"We’re not prepared for this.”


“We can do this.”

The “we can do this” camp included CVS Health, who sought to hire 50,000 new workers in its single biggest hiring surge in history; it also included Hilton Grand Vacations, a hospitality business greatly affected by travel restrictions, but already thinking about how to more seamlessly rehire in the fall with a reduced recruiting team.

Both of these organizations face similar challenges, just in different timeframes. With or without the pandemic, these challenges are seemingly universal:

  • Team efficiency: How will my team have time to source, screen, vet and hire more people, from a larger talent pool, than we ever have? How do we get recruiters and sources to actually use the tech we have?
  • Pipelining and communicating: How do we know where to start in our talent network? How do we automate more communication? How do we pinpoint a pipeline of furloughed or referred workers to rehire?
  • Talent experience: How do we create a digital and human experience throughout the hiring process in a bear market?
  • ROI: How do we prove what spend and tactics are working to meet our goals? How can historical data help us better plan for hiring goals in the future?

CVS Health and Hilton Grand Vacations reacted (and acted) so confidently to shifts in their hiring strategies and needs because they didn’t have to scramble to build a foundation. They already had the technology foundation in place to answer these questions; to automate what they didn’t have time to focus on and empower speed to execution and results.


SmashFlyX in two words: automate, empower.

Automate efficiency, empower teams. That’s what technology comes down to. If it doesn’t work for you and doesn’t help your team work better, it’s not worth it.

We made SmashFlyX worth it.


Since November of last year, we focused on combining the strengths of SmashFly and Symphony Talent’s technology platforms, then building new enhancements to make it even stronger. It’s the only talent marketing platform that combines the core modules of recruitment marketing — CRM, career site, programmatic advertising and talent mobility — in an interface designed to fuel adoption. 

Innate automation that automates the tasks that simply should be. Complete campaigning across every potential channel, media type and talent audience. True-path analytics based on one single data structure. The Dashboard that prompts your actions and insights every day, personalized based on what you use most.

Transparently, I’ve never been more excited about, or proud of, a product in my professional career.

Working with our customers and cross-functional teams from user experience design to engineering, we’ve reimagined a platform that will change the standard and experience in HCM technology. And it will change how talent acquisition teams feel about utilizing and developing tech and digital competencies to support their hiring every day.

I won’t use technology that doesn’t help me. And our customers, and prospective customers, shouldn’t either. The new industry standard for talent marketing and recruitment marketing platforms should be this: solve problems simply.

Ours does.