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Successful CRM Campaigns Avoid These 3 Mistakes

In a candidate-centric economy, there's no room for talent acquisition errors. Check out what to avoid in your CRM campaigns to build stronger talent pipelines. 

Top Three CRM Mistakes to Avoid:

  • Relying on bulk, non-personalized content 
  • Lacking content follow-up (email, text, video) 
  • Sending only job ads

Relying on Bulk, Non-personalized Content

According to the 2021 Recruitment Marketing Strategies Report, personalization is a key criterion in determining who wins recruitment marketing. How you customize candidate content and journeys impacts how people see your employer brand and factors into their desire to apply to your org. 

When you send non-personalized, generic content, you tell the respondent that you don't care enough to tailor your message to their needs and interests. 

What you should be doing instead: 

  • Auto-segment candidate audiences into specific pipelines and sort by folders, tags, or jobs to create personalized messaging 
  • Design custom communications to instantly respond to behaviors and attributes with drip campaigns
  • Automate workflows and tailor marketing campaigns specific to each hiring initiative

45% of the Fortune 500 sends personalized jobs

Lacking Content Follow-up

Follow-up content is just as important as initial outreach. In the marketing world, we're all about that lead capture. We want to convert interested people into viable leads that we can nurture with content in hopes that they will continue to engage with our comms and move down the funnel. 

Converting people into applicants is the same thing, and you need to nurture them with CRM campaigns. 

What you should be doing instead: 

  • Send SMS text campaigns for direct engagement and faster response time 
  • Present content (text, videos, images) in job descriptions, career site landing pages, and talent network capture forms based on who the candidate is, what marketing campaign they are responding to, and what source they came from
  • Embed videos in email marketing campaign templates 

66% of the Fortune 500 sends monthly email communications 

Sending Only Job Ads

After the confirmation emails, just 54% of the Fortune 500 sent any communication to their talent network. 

Only 7% of the Fortune 500 sent any content other than job ads to make matters worse. While hiring for the 10.6 million open jobs is of paramount importance, people expect to learn more about your opportunities other than the jobs currently open. 

Today's job seekers expect to have a connection to their work. Bridge the gap by communicating often. 

What you should be doing instead: 

  • Send frequent communications after the confirmation email, such as departmental news for the position applied to 
  • Communicate company updates, press releases, acquisitions, etc. 
  • Feature employee videos and testimonials to showcase your culture and departmental goals/activities 

81% of the Fortune 500 published content other jobs on social

Want to learn more? 

A CRM can help solve these recruitment marketing faux pas. 

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