Be The Natural Selection for Your Candidates: Be Like a Dolphin

Lynnette Bellin
August 22 ․ 5 min read

SRSC Austin 2018

We had such a good time reconnecting with our SRSC Tribe at the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference in Austin earlier this month. 

One of the overarching themes of the conference was that despite all of the technology and artificial intelligence that helps us reach our candidates, there is one personal, human touch that always needs to be part of your strategy: storytelling.People not only want to hear the story of what it’s really like to work for your company, but they want to be able to picture themselves in your employees’ shoes. And to tell a story efficiently, you need to keep it short, make it memorable, and tell it in a variety of formats, including written (both long form and short form), images and video.

As I talked about in my presentation at SRSC, Social Media Darwinism: How to be the Natural Selection of your Candidates, the secret to succeeding in recruitment marketing on social media is to find that sweet spot of telling the stories that will inspire meaningful interactions with your audience.

Meaningful Interactions are the litmus test that the platform algorithms utilize to determine how much reach your content will receive. The key is to keep your stories fresh and authentic while also being willing to try out the newest features on the different platforms, such as stories and stickers. Tell as many stories as you can in video. Not every video has to be professionally produced. You can provide a lot of cultural insights with short and candid videos you can shoot on your phone.

To illustrate the power of stories and relate it to Social Media Darwinism, I told a story of my own. Swimming with wild dolphins has been a dream of mine for many years. The first time I went swimming with wild dolphins was in Hawaii with my family, and I left my human pod with the guides as I went out in pursuit of the dolphin encounter that I had been dreaming of.

Know what ended up happening? My family had amazing encounters and I barely saw a fin as the dolphins flashed by. I was crushed. It was MY dream, after all!

I later went on a week-long dolphin encounter experience in Bimini Bahamas, with Wild Quest, where they taught me that in order to have amazing encounters with wild dolphins, you must first bond as a human pod. They fostered the interaction and bonding our group of 20 people from around the world, and then taught us that we needed to stay together as a pod that cares about each other in order for the dolphins to want to approach us.

When I put my human pod first, the dolphins were attracted to us, and they came up to play, look us in the eye, and use their sonar to check us out. It was amazing. Our human pod was blessed with encounters like this for five days in a row. I tell you, looking a wild dolphin in the eye is a life-changing experience. But bonding with my human pod was just as beautiful and rewarding.

So how does this relate to you becoming the natural selection of your candidates? I encourage you to Be Like a Dolphin.

Be social. Be playful. Don’t be afraid to try new things. But most importantly, keep the health of your human pod at the top of your priority list…  Remember to keep their wants and needs top and center. Don’t be like I was in my first encounter, selfishly pursuing them like a shark.

Image credit: Atmoji at Wild Quest, where I learned how to care for my human pod as well as the beauty of wild dolphins.

Image credit: Atmoji at Wild Quest, where I learned how to care for my human pod as well as the beauty of wild dolphins.

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