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Netflix and Fill: Recruiting with CTV Video Advertising

Erik Schmidt
August 27 ․ 7 min read

On top of being an absolutely tremendous pun that will surely ingratiate me with the younger generation (I’m still cool, I promise), “Netflix and fill” is also a bonafide reality. Right now, most everyone (i.e., your potential hires) are quarantining on the couch, binge watching the latest season of God Knows What starring Lord Knows Who — and they could be watching your ads in between episodes.

Connected TV (CTV) advertising allows you to target your talent, by occupation, directly on the things that they spend more time staring at than anything else: video streaming services. The numbers are actually staggering; CTV views are up 428% compared to the first half of last year, and viewers are watching content four times longer on CTVs than they are on smartphones. In 2019, more than half the U.S. population owned a CTV (that includes things like Roku, Apple TV, and gaming consoles).

Everyone is always talking about meeting candidates where they are. Well...

You could be leveraging this unprecedented level of lounging to find the talent you need, on their terms. Which just so happens to be rewatching The Office for the fourth time.


How it works.

I don’t think I need to do much explaining on this one; you’ve definitely seen Connected TV ads at some point in your life. Probably in the past week. Maybe even today. Heck, maybe even right now while you’re multitasking reading this.

That’s the point. Think about your own streaming habits and how much time you’re spending watching your favorite shows and how many times you’re seeing the same ads, over and over. Now imagine these are your ads, in front of your talent. And imagine that it happens seamlessly within one platform.

The SmashFlyX programmatic advertising platform will automatically run your videos in the TV and geolocations that make the most sense for your hiring needs. All that’s required is establishing some basic campaign information, like job type, budget, and time-to-fill goals, and then uploading your content (15 to 30-second videos are standard for this type of media) into the platform. The algorithm will do the rest based on auto-calculated geotargeting.


Connected TV advertising made easy through SmashFlyX.

Launching Connected TV ads through SmashFlyX is as simple as uploading video content — the platform algorithm does the rest.

It may sound absurdly simple that you can just upload a file and be done — and it is, because the work was put into developing a powerful algorithm that handles all the complexity on the backend of the platform and allows for a breezy experience for you on the front.


What it looks like. 

Example time. Let’s say you’re a retailer with 500 stories in five states, and you need to hire seasonal staff for the summer rush. You would create a new campaign in SmashFlyX, set your budget and time-to-fill goals, and upload a 30-second video (you likely already have a great recruitment video or employee story that can be repurposed — you can start from scratch if you want, but you don't always have to!). The geotargeting would automatically target candidates in a certain radius around every store to ensure you’re finding the people most apt to watch, pay attention and apply.

Similarly, the platform will automatically contextually target the right people by things like industry and full time versus part time. In this case, the ads would run only for those in retail seeking hourly work. 

Because SmashFlyX is connected to the entire CTV marketplace, your ads run on most of the major streaming services, including:

  • Hulu
  • SlingTV
  • ESPN
  • CNNgo 
  • CBS News Live 
  • Discovery 
  • NBC Universal
  • BBC America
  • AMC 

(Disclaimer, Netflix is one of the big services that doesn’t currently run ads. I know, I know — this means my pun was technically a lie. Go ahead, call the Pun Police, I’ll come quietly). 

Why you should try it.