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Programmatic Media 101: What You Need to Know

John Farelli
October 10 ․ 6 min read

Programmatic Media 101Implementation of the GDPR laws in May 2018 resulted in a temporary downturn in programmatic ad spending. However, a follow-up report the following June in Mobile Marketing magazine showed things were back on track – and that an estimated 80 percent of digital ad placements were once again being purchased via programmatic exchanges.

This is great news for the recruiting community – unless of course, you happen to be a bit confused about what programmatic media actually is  - and why it’s so useful for recruitment marketing. In this blog, I’ll help define the term for you and give you several compelling reasons why programmatic advertising needs to be a key element in your recruitment campaign.

First, let’s define it

In basic terms, programmatic marketing (and the associated media) uses analytics and machine learning to target specific audiences with whom you want to send your recruiting message. It uses a set of sophisticated algorithms to serve ads to people who fit the profile of a possible candidate for your organization. It also optimizes the ad buying process in real-time which leads to high cost efficiency. Even better, it all happens automatically, requiring minimal manual tweaks and monitoring, freeing up your time to handle other critical (and more human-centric) tasks.

Now, let’s explain the benefits

Precise targeting. By leveraging data that’s been captured about a potential candidate’s geographic location, education, and online habits. you can place your campaign directly in front of those most likely to engage with your organization and its message.

Improved performance. Since everything is monitored and adjusted in real time you can quickly see what’s working, what isn’t and what it’s costing. And instead of waiting to optimize performance once a campaign has run its course, you can do it on-the-fly.

Useful information. Programmatic advertising provides recruiters with reams of useful data.  And while data analytics can be daunting – especially to TA teams not accustomed to leveraging them – having real-time information to interpret and act upon ultimately puts more power into their hands – and into their recruiting efforts.

Lower costs. Better performing campaigns produce better results for less money! By giving you the flexibility to change and adjust your budget, you’re no longer guessing whether or not your ad dollars are being used efficiently.

Stronger creative. Having insights into a candidate’s online habits and interests give your creative team the ability to adapt headlines, core messages, images and even the call-to-action so that they achieve the best possible impact. And just about every medium -  including video - can be used across multiple channels and devices.

Hope you found this helpful!

This overview answers some of the top questions we’ve heard from our clients about the definition and potential advantages of using programmatic media in your recruiting strategy. To learn more check out my more in depth series “What is Programmatic Media? Why does it matter to you?”

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