Omni-channel Recruitment Marketing: Your Game to Win

Jess Von Bank
March 6 ․ 2 min read


Join Talent Board President Kevin W. Grossman, Roopesh Nair, President/CEO of Symphony Talent and Jess Schuster, Project Lead, Candidate Engagement and Experience for Northwell Health as they discuss why today’s job candidates (and employees) expect to be treated like consumers, and how the right tools, strategies and data insights can help you meet these new expectations.

Top 5 reasons to attend this webinar:

  1. When is the last time you searched your career site? Applied to one of your own jobs? Did you LOVE it? Really truly? Come find out what job seekers say about their experience..
  2. Hyper personalized experience with your brand and career site. If you act like you’ve never seen me before every time I come to your site, we need to talk.
  3. If I’m in your Talent Community, are you actually talking to me? Sending me relevant news & views? FYIs for your hiring events near me for the type of work I’m interested in? NO? Uff. Come talk to us.
  4. Ad retargeting. We expect it, as digitally savvy, multi-device, socially active consumers. If you’re NOT using a well-measured, programmatic, omni-channel approach to recruitment marketing, you’re spending a whole bunch of money advertising to all the wrong people. There’s an intervention for this.
  5. How would job seekers rate their experience with your brand? Do you know what they expect when they engage with you? (We’ll tell you.)

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