#NowTrending: Weekly Content Marketing Trends | 6.29.2018

Calli Ensor
June 29 ․ 5 min read


Influencers, brand ambassadors, and brand advocates are often used interchangeably and while they have some similarities, they are in fact very different. Let's discuss.

Influencers are just that. People who have the influence to inspire others to take an action. Historically, celebrities best leveraged this realm. However, social media opened up the title to, well, just about anyone. Influencers may or may not have a partnership with a brand. Their content skews toward their likes and reflects their personality. What do you need to be an influencer? A following. Fun photos. A great personality. And you must be up to date on the latest social trends!

Brand ambassadors are people chosen by the brand to represent the brand publicly. They are often paid and hand selected by brand decision makers. Think Olympians. Bloggers. Vloggers. To be a brand ambassador you need an established following whose values or wants relate to the brands. Brand ambassadors must also be up to date on the latest social trends, taking advantage of each platforms unique attributes and audiences.

Brand advocates (or talent advocates) are your most faithful and relatable resources. They might be current or past employees, customers, or even job seekers leveraging social media as their connection to the company. These are the people who can make the greatest impact on your employer brand. They simply want to share why they love your company. And what's best of all is that these are the people who know your brand the most!

Launching a talent advocacy program might sound time-consuming. That's why we're here to help. Our solution, X-Cloud Employee, allows us to access that untapped resource, sourcing employees as genuine, effective advocates and keeping them engaged and connected to each other and the company. And while your best advocates may not be social-savvy, we can help with that too.

Check out what's #NowTrending to get started:

Facebook and Instagram slowly integrate platform features. While still in beta, Facebook is testing a new feature that will allow users to share single image Facebook content on Instagram, as well as testing cross-posting from WhatsApp Status to Instagram Stories. While cross-posting does save time, we still value custom content for each platform.

Instagram’s functionality expands. New features include video chat where up to four users can chat at a time, and recommended topic channels, which will appear at the top of the explore tab. We can expect to see influencers leveraging this technology.

Twitter continues to address spam on the platform. Improved security has led to more than 50,000 spam sign-ups being stopped each day. Spam reports per day have decreased by 8,000 in two months.

LinkedIn has introduced two new, long-awaited features to the platform. Due to LinkedIn’s growing global presence, the platform has implemented instant language translations via Microsoft. Translations will be available for 60 languages to start and accessible via iOS and Android apps. LinkedIn is also resurfacing QR codes as a way to help people quickly share their contact information.

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