#NowTrending: Content Marketing Trends | 11.30.2018

Meg Ruggieri
November 30 ․ 7 min read

Silver Linings PlaybookOne of the first major lessons I learned at my initial job out of college wasn’t in an office setting with fluorescent lighting or while making lunch meetings for my boss. It was in the fitting room of an Anthropologie in Kansas City where I spent several hours a day feeling sorry for myself.Here I was, 22, full of potential, promise, innovation and wit and I was wasting away in an outdoor shopping mall spending my pennies on overpriced candles and bath towels. I was full of something all right, and it was my own self-pity and disappointment as to where I imagined my career going and where I actually was.

This lasted for approximately 4.5 weeks until my manager called me into the break room and informed me that either I needed to quit or stop pouting. Below is a paraphrased excerpt from our conversation:

“Meg. You’re not stuck here forever. This isn’t the only job you’re going to have. Everything is temporary. So stop pouting, put a smile on and figure out how to like what you’re currently doing or move on. Life is going to be pretty disappointing if you can’t find the silver lining.”

These words have stuck with me throughout my career. Attitude truly is everything. And I try to approach even the most menial of tasks with that same silver lining approach.

No matter how long you’ve worked, where you’ve worked, what your specialties are, who you know, or what you dopersonalized advice resonates.

So it comes as no surprise that some of our best performing content topics for our clients include recruiter tips and career advice that helps candidates put their best professional foot forward. Because sharing useful information to our target audience will always be a key ingredient to success in social media. And personalized career advice is one of the best ways to keep them coming back for more.

I asked my coworkers for some of their best career advice. No surprise here, free wisdom can be found everywhere, if only someone takes the time to ask.

“1 - Never be afraid to ask a question; question everything!
2 - Treat each other like humans and not email inboxes.
3 - Be the solution — if you don't like something, don't just complain about it, work to fix it!” - Kelly Argoe, Manager of Strategy & Client Services

“The most important thing I've learned in my career is around engagement. The more willing I am to communicate my thoughts, ask questions, and be engaged in the process with my team, the more effective I will be, and the more successful we will be as a team. I am a problem solver, and historically would focus primarily on accomplishing a task or solving a problem, without stopping to fully understand the situation and the people involved. When I learned to focus on relationship, using communication and growing in emotional intelligence, I was able to be increasingly effective, and my team and I were happier and more motivated.” - Laura Hepker, Product Manager

“Find something that you can do that will help your entire team (even if it isn't necessarily the most exciting part of your day) and own it completely. Not having to worry about who will cover that day-to-day nuisance will help others get their work done more efficiently and instantly make you an asset—and more likely they'll return the favor!” - Michael Hughes, Art Director

“Be respectful and have integrity. These two words ring true in personal and business life and will always take you far.” - Jenna Philkill, Director, Strategy and Client Services

"Follow the fear because that's where the exciting things happen. If a new task, role or position scares you then that's the one you should pursue wholeheartedly. You are more capable than you give yourself credit for, so get out of your own way." - Byron Youngblood, Copywriter

Want more free advice? Check out this week’s content marketing trends to add to your 2019 content strategy:

Instagram Platform Updates: From profile updates for both regular and business users to improving accessibility, learn how you can improve your Instagram profile.

Facebook Platform Updates: Facebook is launching a new in-app time tracking dashboard (you may not want to know) as well as making improvements to Watch Party.

Google Review Cards: In an effort to turn customers into advocates, Google has created a new social post type that allows a company to share their Google Reviews on display cards.

Snap Glasses 2.0: Not to be defeated by the lackluster launch of Snap Spectacles, Snapchat is planning the next version of these glasses, with a new design and two cameras instead of one.

YouTube’s New Ad Experiences: YouTube will now show two ads back-to-back (with the option to skip) when an ad break takes place. They have also introduced “TV screen device type” in Google Ads, allowing advertisers to tailor ad content by type of device.