#NowTrending: Content Marketing Trends | 1.25.2019

Meg Ruggieri
January 25 ․ 5 min read

Symphony Talent - Now Trending 1-25-2019

Anyone a country fan? Got any Faith Hill lovers out there?

*Crowd boos, Meg laughs nervously*

ANYWAY, I like country and I like Faith. Beyond her great taste in marriage partners, (I mean who doesn't like Tim McGraw, come on!) I particularly like a song from her greatest hits album entitled, "The Secret of Life". It's a terrific tune to sing in your car with or without a captive audience. The general plot is two men talking at a bar (I know, country right?) about what they think the secret of life is. They discuss the possibilities of it being a great cup of coffee, Monday Night Football, apple pie, the Rolling Stones, etc. etc.

Ultimately (SPOILERS AHEAD), they turn to wise old Sam, the bartender, and ask his opinion. Well boys, he says (wisely). The secret of life is that there ain't no secret, and you don't get your money back.

*Mic Drop*

(Or mic raise if you're like myself and you like to belt the final lyrics but I digress).

It is here that I would like to interject and inform my readers that the same thoughtful principle can be applied to the mystical, unattainable, work/life balance. A phrase used in conjunction with other nearly impossible goals such as 'inbox zero' and "inner peace" and "no-filter selfie".

But here's the secret! Work-life balance is not a state of being. You are not a human teeter totter. It's a constantly changing, ever present part of life and your career. And it's different for every person.  It's about being flexible here and having boundaries there. Some days, you make it to the gym. Some days, you just make it down the block. Every day, you just do the best you can, with what you have.

So I invite you to put down your productivity app, to stop multitasking, to answer that email or to watch your child's school play. To be present as you can with whatever task you're currently in. Because the secret to work-life balance is the same as the secret to happiness or the secret to life. There is no secret. It's what you make of it.

Want more secrets to life, errr... content marketing? Find yourself in this week's trends:

Another day, another data leak: In what is becoming an unfortunate far too often occurrence, another data leak has compromised millions of emails. Here’s how to check if your email was one of them. Change your passwords, friends! #WorkLifeHack

New Year, New Me: Linkedin’s latest company page makeover is going well and they’ve got the page updates to prove it. Updates include job alerts, a dashboard for employee insights for each company (job functions, locations and connections), a list of hashtags relevant to a companies industry and finally, insights into funding and investor information directly within the company page. Work it, girl!

This will make you laugh: Maybe? Facebook is working on quietly testing a feed for younger audiences. May we introduce LOL, a special feed of funny videos and GIF-like clips which pulls top content from popular meme pages on the platform? 

And speaking of lack of work/life balance:  Breaking! We’re all addicted to our phones! In the latest social media report from Manifest, findings include that 30% of people interact on social media more than 10 times a day ( liking, posting, or sharing content), 42% of people post least once a day and 94% post regularly.