Marrying Employer Branding Into Your Recruitment Process

Sheridan Gaenger
April 10 ․ 6 min read


Employer branding, meet talent acquisition. Talent acquisition, this is my friend, employer branding. You two are going to make the perfect couple!

The recruiting process includes so many moving parts—long gone are the days when companies posted a job, conducted a few interviews, and made a hire. This new complexity is good because it leads to better candidates and better hires, which then results in more productivity. But it also requires due diligence at every phase of the candidate’s journey to get the process just right.

Today’s advanced talent acquisition needs a trustworthy companion, something that makes life easier and helps recruiters reach their goals. That partner is employer branding—the story you weave for candidates on the benefits of working for your company. Consider what Kevin Grossman, one of the talent acquisition space’s top thought leaders, wrote for TalentCulture in 2015:

“To better attract, engage and hire today’s ultra-informed talent, companies must better promote and sell their culture and their open jobs without bombarding them with inconsistent and irrelevant information. Companies must project a strong employer brand… .”

Here are some reasons why marrying branding into your recruiting process is so important—and so effective:

The Power of Brand

Employer reputation was once good enough to attract the best candidates for job openings. Companies would post and pray, hoping for the best—and 20 years ago, that often worked. In 2017, however, candidates can learn all about your organization before ever filling out an application. What messages do you want them to hear? Ideally, your story—told through social media channels, employee ambassadors (more on that later), and every touchpoint on a candidate’s journey—will drive best-fit talent to your company. Employer brand is the crafting of this story. The more powerful your brand message, the more impressed and engaged candidates will be.

Tell Your Story in the Right Places

Employer brand can be effective only if it reaches the best-fit talent you seek. If your recruitment marketing misses key channels, you will miss out on key candidates. The hand-grenade approach doesn’t work either—oversaturating every channel with your brand is inefficient, cost-prohibitive, and can numb potential candidates to your messaging. Employer brand combines the art of storytelling with perfect timing. When paired with a media spend solution that takes the guesswork out of recruitment advertising, a dynamic brand reaches ideal candidates at the right place, at the right time, with the right message.

Branding for the Entire Candidate Experience

Your employer brand doesn’t diminish once candidates click onto your hiring website. Their experience is just beginning, so be sure your brand consistently accompanies them throughout their entire journey, no matter what part of the omni-channel they emerged from. Tell your story at every stage of the process, from sourcing to your hiring website, from application to hire, and from onboarding to a candidate’s first day on the job and beyond. If you make the experience memorable from start to finish, the candidate’s journey won’t conclude after hire, which leads to our next point…

Brand Evangelists

The people working for your business are more than just employees—they ideally are ambassadors and advocates. Happy, engaged workers initially attracted by your brand may believe in it even more once they are hired. Give them the ability to spread your company’s story to other candidates; invest in tools that turn employees into evangelists. These advocates benefit by building their reputations on social media and becoming thought leaders and influencers. Employee ambassadors also help your bottom-line revenue by turning everyone into a recruiter. A strong brand gives advocates something to advocate, and the results build upon themselves when evangelists complement the recruiting process.

Employer brand and talent acquisition, when implemented with the other in mind, can lead to a happy marriage that ultimately syncs the best candidates to your open positions. And if done right, the honeymoon never ends. Mazel tov!

Does your company have an active employer brand, and if so, how have you incorporated it into the recruiting process?

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