Life at Symphony Talent: Say Hello to Kelly Argoe

Kelly Argoe
June 13 ․ 4 min read

Kelly ArgoeA nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.

No, I didn’t write that. Some super smart and insightful guy by the name of Mahatma Gandhi did. You may have heard of him, may have not. Either way, the man knows his stuff.

And while Symphony Talent is not a nation, per se, it is a large aggregate of people united by a common culture (thank you, Google Dictionary). We all want to be here, we all have the same purpose, and we all want to help each other. That’s what I love about Symphony Talent. The common goal. The PEOPLE.

I joined Symphony Talent a year ago (almost to the day) and I can truthfully say that I love being a part of the team. I may not love the work every day (who can?) but I do love the folks who I interact with, the patience they  have, the learning, the teaching moments, and the overall vibe. And did I mention I work from home? I feel the vibe of the workplace and yet I sit at my desk, in my house, alone with my dog every day. The spirit behind everyone here makes me feel like I am sitting at my desk with my dog in an office surrounded by people every day. It is fantastic and inspiring!

Prior to joining ST, I worked for a few different places, all with aspects that I enjoyed; however, I always felt like I was on an island by myself, trying to figure out how to get off it (or at least where my next adventure would be coming from).  At ST, sometimes I do feel like I’m on an island, but I always have a castaway with me, helping me, living and breathing this experience with me and working towards the same goal. That’s what I was missing in my previous jobs: a culture I can connect with.

To top it off, did I mention the level of professionalism with clients? I never could have dreamed of working for a company that handles their clients so well, so customer-service friendly, so over the top.  We have a wide variety of clients from different backgrounds, different businesses, different expectations, yet we adapt to every one of them in order to deliver quality, heartfelt, innovative, and earnest work that makes me proud to say I am part of.

At the end of the day, what it all comes down to is this: do you like your work? Yes. Do you believe in the product your company puts out?  Absolutely. Do you like your employer and believe in their mission. You know it. And do you like the people you work with? Hell yes. That’s all anyone could ask for.  Well, that and a couple million dollars (but we pick and choose our battles). For now, I’m good with what I’ve got!


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