Is Your Talent Acquisition Software ROI DOA?

Sheridan Gaenger
March 21 ․ 11 min read


You’re about to invest a significant amount of  cash into your talent acquisition software—not to mention the time and energy it takes to figure out how to work with it. But if your software isn’t capable of giving you the ROI you want—or the tools you need to figure out your ROI—it’s basically DOA. In order to ensure you talent acquisition software ROI isn’t DOA make sure it includes these 3 fundamental, mission critical elements:

1. It lives and breathes omni-channel  

When it comes to talent acquisition, the game has changed over the last few years—profoundly. In the ‘Expectation Economy’ you need to know where your candidates are, at what time and how to engage them. It’s not about the transaction anymore  it’s about the relationship, the experience, the ways you can get candidates to say, “I have to work for you!” It’s not enough to post job openings on popular job boards and wait for candidates to flock to them. Say goodbye to the short game -- today recruiters must play the long game, nurturing candidates through the entire candidate lifecycle, engaging with them in ways that are personalized and unique. Don’t get me wrong, the long game doesn’t mean complicated, it simply means integrated and seamless. The concept of career has completely changed now that the candidates are in the driver’s seat. Patrick Rooney, Symphony Talent’s Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer says, “Even as those of us responsible for re-imagining talent processes/strategies or upgrading our technologies might feel like the concept of a career changed overnight — we know it didn’t. This more fluid concept of a career is the inevitable result of trends we’ve been experiencing for at least a decade.”  In order to deliver on what candidates demand and open up your process to satisfy this new concept of career, the omni-channel recruitment strategy is the only play. To keep pace with this new world of hiring, you need talent acquisition software that can deftly juggle all the moving parts whilst still prioritizing the core value of relationship building .

Today, cutting-edge technology gives recruiters the tools to be laser-focused and hyper-targeted in their recruitment marketing. For the largest ROI, look for software that can help you figure out where your ideal candidates are hanging out so that you can focus your spend on the right channels. If your software tech doesn’t give you these capabilities, you’re already a big step behind in the talent acquisition game and your approach is DOA, no bones about it.

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2. It is fueled by a robust analytics machine

To make informed choices on how to best spend your recruitment marketing dollars, you need to be able to see the big picture, the entire 360 degree picture. Does your current talent acquisition software give you a good (and easy to understand!) picture of how all your moving parts fit into your overall talent acquisition approach? Software with a high ROI will be able to deliver real-time analytics around every touchpoint so that you can adjust your talent acquisition approach on the fly and prepare for growth. And you need instant access to these analytics across the entire digital landscape—paid, earned, shared, and owned. To win the talent acquisition game, your software must be fast, nimble, and robust.

“Fast, nimble, and robust,” however, is actually the bare minimum. More than simply reacting to changes in your talent acquisition approach, your software should be proactive. Or, more accurately, predictive. Harness the power of predictive analytics, the “brains” behind behavior-based recruitment marketing campaigns, to find and attract your best candidates as quickly and easily as possible. Powerful software solutions now rely on analytics-fueled artificial intelligence (AI) to predict where your candidates are and recalibrate your campaigns automatically to improve the candidate experience.    

AI may sound a little science fiction-y—but it’s the future of talent acquisition. Writing on the state of workforce analytics in HR at ERE Media, Charles Coy reports:

“The talent management industry has been discussing workforce analytics for years, but 2016 witnessed some of the biggest leaps toward true big data capabilities. Organizations are moving from the simplest stages of workforce data analysis—’descriptive and diagnostic’ analytics—to more mature ‘predictive’ analytics. In fact, the percentage of companies that feel fully capable of developing predictive models doubled from 4% in 2015 to 8% in 2016, according to Bersin by Deloitte.”

Right now, you can still be an early adopter of predictive analytics in talent acquisition. Gain a huge leg up on the competition and ensure you’re attracting the right candidates, by becoming a member of that elite eight percent.

3. It makes life EASIER for your recruiters. 

So far, we’ve focused on how top-of-class talent acquisition software delivers a solid ROI by helping you spend smartly and by creating a seamless experience for candidates. But let’s not forget the key to your whole talent acquisition strategy: your recruiters themselves. Again, it’s their efforts that create impact. Talent acquisition software worth its salt needs to have an all-encompassing focus on users, which means it provides recruiters with tools that are easy to use while still delivering big insights. You want your software to make your recruiters look like heroes!

Picture it: One-single sign on and your recruiters open the door to every tool they need to engage with top candidates, wherever they are. An integrated, end-to-end solution feeds your teams the insights and information they need to hire better. Investing in one seamless solution not only reduces your total cost of ownership, it automatically removes the pitfalls of franken-system and increase productivity and efficiency immediately.

Another way your software should make life easier for your recruiters? By spreading the recruiting tasks around—to your current employees. For a huge ROI, seek out software with integrated employee advocacy capabilities. Turn your employees into your biggest advocates—and super effective recruiters—through a program that allows them to share content and employer brand messaging with their own social media followers. And the easier, the better. Like “push of a button” easy, so employees only have to focus on getting out the message. Ease of use is often overlooked when recruiters are shopping around for new software, but it can really make a difference in how transformational a role your software plays in your talent acquisition strategies.

Key Takeaways:

In today’s fast-changing, candidate-driven landscape, your talent acquisition software must be a multi-talented, power-packed machine if you want to win the game of recruitment marketing in an ‘Expectation Economy.” Keep in mind that software with a high ROI should always include:

  • The ability to integrate your varied brand media and marketing for an omnichannel approach that feels totally seamless for candidates
  • Analytics that give you the big picture—instantly—about your talent acquisition strategy, with tools that can predict and respond to candidate behaviors
  • An ease of use that wins over recruiters and employees

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