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Is Your Recruitment Marketing Tech Being Adopted?

Roopesh Nair
October 1 ․ 5 min read

When I speak to my leadership team about the processes and technologies they use to run their parts of the business efficiently, I always ask, “Is the system being adopted?” 

Why? Because adoption is critical to business success. You can buy the latest and greatest tech out there, implement it perfectly, and then see nothing.

Challenges in Today’s Worker Economy

Our HR and TA teams need to work faster and smarter to attract, engage and hire in today’s worker economy. And we know that’s not easy. That’s why organizations invest in recruitment marketing technology. 

The problem is, 82% of organizations face adoption challenges. When the tech isn’t meeting its full potential, our recruitment teams suffer. We want to change that scenario and support you in automating tasks to empower your teams.

Recruitment Marketing Tech Adoption is Critical To Drive Business Success 

So the question remains: Is your recruitment marketing tech being adopted? Let’s find out. Join us at our Roadshow on October 28th to “Downshift Manual Tasks, Drive Recruitment Tech Adoption.” 

At the virtual event, we’re bringing together industry leaders and practitioners to share our methods and experiences to increase adoption and power digital transformation.

Sneak Peek at the JOY Roadshow Stop in London 

Actual practitioners will discuss how they drive recruitment tech adoption at their organizations. Their insights will include, but are not limited to the following: 

  1. How to adapt to neurodiverse learning styles to increase adoption
  2. How new technologies complement your existing tech stack to jet past the competition 
  3. How exceptional user experiences reduce the technology adoption curve

Event Agenda

  • Simon Phillips, Symphony Talent’s EVP of Studio, will kick us off with a conversation about adopting the right recruitment tech.
  • The JOY Podcast: Neurodiversity and Tech Adoption with Theo Smith: Our Chief Joy Officer, Debbie Tuel, chats with Theo Smith, host of the Neurodiversity-Eliminating Kryptonite Podcast. They discuss the increasing focus on neurodiversity and how to adopt technology in line with your employees' learning styles.

  • From a Practitioner's Perspective: Target Graduate Awards: Our CEO & President, Roopesh Nair, is joined by our VP of Global Strategic Accounts, Sarah Griffiths, to discuss our recent research for the Target Graduate Awards, including the trends and challenges that we need to solve.

  • Adopting Unique Tech: A Panel with Tom Channell: Tom Channell, Head of Social Media & Digital Strategy, hosts a panel of talent acquisition professionals who've successfully adopted unique tech, including TikTok, VR, and more.
Want to learn more?

To register for the virtual event, click here. 

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