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Introducing the Symphony Talent Cloud: Proving that People + Technology is the Magic Equation to Talent Transformation

Sheridan Gaenger
October 5 ․ 5 min read

Removing the cumbersome recruitment marketing practices that haunt our past and offering a new, personalized and measurable solution to drive the future...

The #HRTechConf is underway! Today industry enthusiasts, thought-leaders and technology vendors come together to learn and embark on new discussions around fresh and provocative trends that are continuing to reshape our ever-changing talent acquisition arena. Needless to say -- we are pumped!

While our expert staff prep our booth (you can find us at Booth #440), grab their morning coffee and gear up for a monumental day of conversations and knowledge absorption, we are delighted to announce that Hodes, the employer branding agency of Symphony Talent, now offers the Symphony Talent Cloud, an omnichannel recruitment marketing solution that unifies technology, creative, data and services to provide companies a seamless, personalized and measurable candidate journey throughout the entire marketing lifecycle.

At Symphony Talent we combine the best of consumer marketing, employee advocacy, talent acquisition and technology—all tied together by big analytics—so our clients can reach and attract the talent they need to win. The Symphony Talent Cloud helps bridge the gap between technology and people -- helping companies put their talent focus back to what really matters: hiring the right people, at the right time. Companies can now unify their disparate employer branding, talent acquisition and recruitment marketing tools into a single, scalable and data-optimized solution, beginning with employer brand strategy and development and spanning programmatic media, recruitment advertising, career website, talent community, candidate relationship management (CRM), skills assessment, applicant tracking system (ATS), employee advocacy, referrals and ongoing employee engagement.

Through four, strategically designed customer-facing modules: ST Source, ST Nurture, ST Engage and ST Analyze, companies interested in leverage their media marketing potential and/or want to improve diversity in their mix, or need to hire difficult to find, quality candidates, can do so through this one, cloud-based product set. Bonus: Companies that require specific needs can take advantage of a la carte options for each module!

About Symphony Talent Cloud’s Four Modules:

  •      ST Source: This module gives employers the tools to source and attract candidates. The suite includes programmatic job optimization, job distribution, smart display technology, and an SEO optimized, mobile responsive career website.
  •      ST Nurture: This module allows employers to nurture candidates to drive quality hires. The service offering includes tools for capturing and automatically engaging candidates, using their profiles. Employers can also have personalized, branded messages shared with candidates and send targeted job alerts through an employer branded portal that allows for candidates to update their personal profiles.  Other capabilities include skill assessment and a Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) tool for searching, matching and engagement.
  •      ST Engage: Through this module, employers have access to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) as well as an employer advocacy platform and employer referral portal.
  •      ST Analyze: This module provides detailed and integrated analytics which ST Source, ST Nurture and ST Engage to help employers see where they source from, which candidates they sourced, what type of engagement happened with the candidate and what nurturing activities happened to the candidate. There are also media insights, including detail media reports, web analytics reports and cross channel reporting.

We welcome the opportunity to continue this conversation in person! Swing by our #HRTechConf Booth #440 and meet the team! If you can’t make it, no worries, we have you covered -- Follow our live coverage directly on Twitter.

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