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Is Your Talent Marketing Content Inclusive? A DEI Plugin Can Help

Sanchita Abhinave
April 30 ․ 5 min read

Whatever role type you're hiring for (hourly, contingent, entry-level, specialized, hard-to-fill), chances are you are thinking strategically about the type of skills a candidate needs to fill the open spot. But is your talent marketing content inclusive and welcoming to all talent?

We took a quick survey of job descriptions, role requirements, career sites and CRM campaigns across 100s of brands and determined that was a lie. 

Fast-Forward Your DEI Efforts

While companies are actively working to make the workplace more inclusive, to make a real impact, employers need to provide equal opportunities to existing and potential employees in underrepresented groups women, racial and ethnic minorities relevant to an organization's workforce.

Increasing DEI is not one person's responsibility to take on. For building genuinely inclusive environments, companies can take various measures. The possibility of unconscious bias in the brand content, when unchecked, can cause serious harm to individuals, society and enterprises. (Learn more about Symphony Talent's DEI employee resource group here.)

SmashFlyX offers a DEI plugin to take a step forward toward inclusive progress. It's an AI-driven bias detection technology to tackle bias in workplaces. 

How SmashFlyX AI-Powered DEI Plugin Exceeds Your Talent Marketing Goals

Recruiters and talent marketers run campaigns, write job descriptions and communicate with talent daily. It's essential to detect conscious and subconscious bias in all content types. (Learn more about DEI: What It Means, Why It Matters, How To Act here.) 

The DEI browser plugin enables users to analyze their text content for conscious and subconscious biases. In fact, the DEI plugin (chrome extension) works seamlessly with job descriptions and campaign messages to detect gender, racial and age bias text.

When suspicious text is detected, a total count of issues in the content is displayed along with the highlighted text segments to indicate problem-wording. The issue type suggests the category of bias detected.

The description of the identified issue helps users understand the bias reported to rectify the wording and make the text more inclusive. Users can also give feedback to learn and improve accuracy by deciding if the bias detection is correct or incorrect. Remember, human-led AI powers talent marketing technology —in other words, it needs you to make the decisions. 

It's Time to Take the DEI Leap

Technology to help tackle bias is evolving. Through the DEI plugin integration with SmashFlyX, build on to your DEI strategy to cultivate an engaging workplace culture with an enhanced experience for end-users, candidates and clients. 

Want to see it in action?

Learn more about the DEI plugin integration with SmashFlyX and take a first step towards identifying potential bias in real-time and in an automated manner.

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