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Hybrid Events Answer Contingent Worker Woes

Amber Pacheco
July 9 ․ 10 min read

The following reviews recruitment events features and benefits and connects why hiring events are great for attracting contingent workers at scale. With contingent workers being a hot topic and a significant portion of the labor pool, we need to start speaking about ways to attract them.

Hybrid Events and Filling Open Roles 

What are hybrid events? 

Hybrid events are a mix of entirely virtual, entirely in-person and a combination of in-person and virtual activities in one event. 

Recruitment events are a crucial strategy in every talent acquisition team’s playbook. With seasonal hiring in full swing, hiring events will be critical in attracting the contingent workforce your organization needs in the post-COVID hiring landscape.

Contingent staff includes contractors, temps, freelancers, seasonal staff, consultants and interns, who are typically mobile, independent and sometimes work for multiple employers at once. These gig workers serve all industries, including retail, transportation, service, restaurant, manufacturing and creative services. 

How Do Hybrid Recruitment Events Fill Contingent Roles and Your Talent Pipeline? 

To ramp up your seasonal workforce, it’s imperative to have a pipeline of potential and returning candidates who are capable and interested in filling your short-term roles. 

With a historic shortage of workers, and increasing demand for flexible, remote work, contingent staffing is poised to face one of the most challenging summers and holiday seasons. 


More workers than ever are choosing to be independent contractors, selecting only the gigs they want to work on for the employers whose brand and culture match their work style. 

Attracting the right talent for your organization will require interactive and engaging recruitment events that demonstrate your employment brand and set you apart from your competitors.

Events page(Learn more about how to pivot your recruitment strategy so that recruitment marketing technology works with you and not against you.) 

Manage Hybrid Recruitment Events at Scale 

Recruitment events are your opportunity to let your employer branding sell the benefits and advantages of your culture. Contingent workers in particular look to organizations that pay competitive rates and have flexible work options. 

NEWSFLASH: you're not the only organization a gig worker supports on a contract basis.  

To attract top talent to your brand and keep them interested in working for your organization, you must empower your team to use engagement tools that keep them informed and easily connected to open roles that fit their needs. 

PRO TIP: You'll also want to ensure that your recruitment marketing activities and communications help gig workers feel valued. These motivated workers know that time is money, but they're also people.  

Treat gig workers with the same level of professionalism and respect as regular, full-time employees. One easy way to do this is being transparent about projects, deadlines, pay and expectations. 

And you can communicate all of those expectations upfront during initial communications during recruitment events. 

A Dynamic, Hybrid Event Module Empowers You to: 

  • Cast a Wider Net: Seamlessly invite internal contacts from within the CRM and reach new contacts with programmatic advertising, all within your recruitment marketing platform. Let AI liaise between the CRM goals and your ad spend strategy to save you time and money.
  • Track Registered Contacts: Contacts who register for events automatically route to the specific event folder. This automation allows users to track participation and engagement.
  • Qualify Event Participants at Scale: Event users should leverage workflow automation and assessments within the tool to select skill-checking screeners, credentials and virtual interviews to associate with the event.  (Keeping everything in one place.)
  • Remind and Follow Up: All engagement before, during and post-event should log automatically into your CRM. Automated engagement workflows nurture candidates or schedule them for interviews with hiring managers. With an omnichannel approach, users notify registrants of event details changes with templated email or SMS messages.
  • Nurture and Convert Leads Into Hires: Using campaigns and automation, users can promote job openings to event participants and fuel the talent pipeline - which ultimately converts to hires.

Discover How Symphony Talent’s New Events Module Solves Your Recruitment Challenges 

Symphony Talent’s SmashFlyX CRM platform with Events management provides the best-in-class tools you need to automate and streamline your recruitment process for personalized, high touch and high volume omnichannel recruitment marketing.

SmashFlyX Events uniquely enables organizations to cast the widest net, advertising the events across every channel of media, leveraging existing contacts in the CRM, and tying it all together with analytics. 

Bringing it into one platform allows users to leverage the automation and tools available in SmashFlyX and extend their existing communication technologies to create interactive, virtual events seamlessly.

(Check out the full press release on our new events module here.) 

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