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How Do You Empower (Burned out) Teams in 2022?

The Symphony Talent Team
February 2 ․ 7 min read

At Symphony Talent, we’re driven by our mantra to “automate tasks and empower teams.” That means we strive to help TA/HR teams eliminate manual, time-consuming, and soul-sucking tasks that take away from the parts of their jobs that bring value and meaning to their roles. 

TA and HR are about people. The hiring process helps people get to a company and team that brings fulfillment. But in today’s crazy labor market, it’s hard to connect with potential candidates, and it’s even harder to communicate with existing employees on how they are feeling.

It’s a mess, and we need to talk about team burnout.

Why focus on empowering your teams?

Let’s start by saying people are burned out. They are overwhelmed by the social, political and economic situation we’re surrounded by for yet another year. 

Teams are bogged down chasing after candidates and adjusting to a candidate-centric market while filling in for open seats that haven’t been filled and feeling the pressure to overdeliver on projects while working remotely. 

(Learn more about why being a leader is more difficult than ever before from Inc.) 

To refocus, lean into your internal teams and talent attraction needs. 

Focus on Internal Teams: 

When teams have what they need, they have:

  • Higher satisfaction in their role 
  • More commitment to the organization 
  • Increased motivation to get work done
  • Increased productivity 
  • Higher satisfaction in leadership 

All in all, you have a happier team and better retention rates. This means people are less inclined to answer that LinkedIn Inmail request or click the “open to work” button when they are happy where they are. 

Focus on Talent Attraction: 

When you have happy employees for candidate prospecting, you get more employee referrals and employee testimonials to showcase on your career websites and CRM email campaigns

(Learn more about the expectations of today’s job seekers in “The Ultimate Guide to Recruitment Marketing in the New Talent Landscape.) 

How can we turn the tide and empower our teams?

To address burnout and fatigue, we need to engage strategies that help alleviate pain points. 

According to McKinsey

Employees expect their jobs to bring a significant sense of purpose to their lives. Employers need to help meet this need, or be prepared to lose talent to companies that will.”

As TA/HR leaders and practitioners, you can accomplish this by giving your teams space to do their thing and find that purpose in their jobs again. 

Automation tools and HR technology is the answer. 

A few of the top tools that automate tasks for your teams and helps them gain time back in their day include:

  • Hybrid events 

A recruitment events module builds, advertises, and manages your virtual or in-person pipelining events from pre-registration, during event activity through post-event follow up and conversion to job applicants and hires. You are eliminating the timely tasks of creating recruitment events from start to finish. 

  • AI-driven sourcing 

AI-driven sourcing within the CRM intelligently suggests people based on engagement and skills, making it easy for your sourcing teams to build pipelines and create automated workflows to trigger communication. 

  • On-demand interviews and assessments 

By going virtual for interviews and assessments, your users gain an intuitive user interface to qualify your pipeline further and confirm the critical skills your organization needs for continued success. 

Want to learn more? 

If you want to learn more about the talent attraction side of these tools and how they help to accelerate your candidate attraction strategies and automate tasks for your teams, check out:


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